of the


Did you have a strict upbringing?


Was the parenting you got 

what your spirit needed most?


Have you felt like a core part of you

went missing long ago?


If so, your wisechild -- the fearless, curious, open, empathetic, self-aware, and self-loving part of your psyche -- may have decided to separate from you in your youth, leaving you with challenges in the capacity to trust, perceive reality accurately, feel for others or feel too much, and to engage in creative opportunities for soulful growth.

In psychological terms the absence of the wisechild part of the psyche

can show up in life as what therapists might call:​

  • having arrested emotional development

  • being unable to deeply connect with others

  • relating to life with perpetual fear

  • having "trust issues"

  • lacking self-awareness or self-care

  • having overly porous energetic boundaries

One promise I make to you right now ~I'm not interested in converting you to my beliefs. My goal is to help you uncover your own.

Is a WiseChild Retrieval Like a Lost Soul Retrieval?


In terms of the technical process, yes, the WiseChild retrieval is much the same as a soul retieval from the client's point of view. If you've had one you may not need the other unless the complete integration was not achieved.


The main difference in the way I practice these shamanic rituals is in how I prepare to journey for the WiseChild or Lost Soul, and how I interact with the spirit world to find and return them to you.


Whereas the WiseChild is adventurous, curious, and carefree, the Lost Soul is more likely scared and hurting, or angry, so different handling is required.  Integration of the WiseChild with your adult self may be less involved than integration of a Lost Soul.



Email to schedule 

a brief chat to determine

if a WiseChild Retrieval is what you need.

Payment of $150 is made when we decide to proceed.​

Schedule full until after 10 July 2018

Schedule full until after 10 July 2018

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All unfolds as it must but deeper awareness allows

the trajectory of that unfolding to move in the direction of the Light.