Wyrd Readings with WildWolf

WildWolf is a shamanic spirit guide

channeled by the WiseWomanSeer

to help you uncover what it is you need to 

control your fate, empower your actions, and

create the life blessings that are meant for you.



Wyrd is a weird word -- literally. It is the old Anglo-Saxon term for fate, or that which has the potential to come into being if the trajectory of the energy already in play is not diverted or interrupted.


However, many things both unintentional and consciously controlled will and do disrupt wyrd energies, and for this reason not all possible potentials manifest in a given lifetime.


In a wyrd reading, WildWolf might tell you about a possible potential that could be a blessing, a challenge or a spiritual lesson occurring in your life right now. His insights and advice are pointed and practical, but always meant for your highest good and most authentic empowerment.


Wolves are well known for their metaphysical skills in trusting your instincts, giving loyalty where it is due, making good survival decisions, facing mysteries and challenges with grace and curiosity, and finding new pathways through emotional forests. 


In your reading, WildWolf discusses your question, issue or dilemma, and provides his direct, practical advice for the action steps you need to take to improve your situation, quell your insecurities, face your fears, and deepen your confidence.


Wyrd Readings with WildWolf are recommended when you have uncertainty about a situation, want guidance on a relationship or decision, or need input on how to trust yourself and others.


These readings are not good for questions such as will I get the job, is my spouse cheating on me, or am I suffering from a specific medical problem.


You will get a full report of the process and the message by email.


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