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Water Signs & Planets


The trait common to Water signs and planets is EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY.  Each Water sign and planet goes with a certain flow of its own whether motivated by a need for nostalgic belonging, transformative power, or boundaryless mysticism.  Water signs reportedly have more empathy and intuitive -- even psychic -- gifts than other signs, as they are very much concerned with the feeling tone of situations and people.  They need to be needed, but often misread the motivations of others due to filtering actions through the lens of their own emotional needs.

Cancer the sign and the Moon its ruler often project the point of most emotional vulnerability in an astrological reading.  Cancer / Moon energy is typically concerned with internal emotional climate, moods, and feeling safe and secure.  People with strong Cancer or Moon influences in their charts may be highly motivated by seeking, creating or holding on to a strong sense of tradition or belonging as a way to not feel isolated and on their own.  Cancer / Moon people have a reputation as being quite caring, but when stressed, a sharp defensiveness or possessiveness will come out, or may be turned inward to plunge into depression and other mood disorders.

Scorpio the sign and Pluto its ruler  may be the two factors that are most prone to running on pure emotional instinct, but also capable of extremely deep and transformative introspection.  Driven by the need to feel empowered, Sco / Plu enjoys a personal magnetism that is beyond any other in the Zodiac, but one that can be mysterious, intense, secretive, and even self-destructive.  Scorpio is said to be extremely charismatic and to enjoy opening up the depths of the unconscious mind -- sometimes for the purpose of manipulation and control.  But for itself, Scorpio has perfected the art of passive resistance, and will not be moved when it sees no personal advantage in giving in.  

Mars is a secondary ruler of Scorpio, being assigned to the sign in ancient days before Pluto was discovered.  So Scorpio takes on some of the endurance and capacity for revenge of the mercenary warrior, as flavored by that Martian influence.

Pisces the sign and Neptune its planetary ruler may be the two factors of astrology that are the least connected with reality.  Imaginative, intuitive, psychic, their creativity literally overflows.  Easily flooded by emotionality, Pisces has trouble finding separation and boundaries, since, to this sign, everything is One with the universe and Neptune promotes a strong yearning to merge with the Divine Cosmos.  Neptune is a master of illusion, escapism and self-sacrifice, and difficult to know where you really stand with this energy.  The Pisces / Neptune tendency for self-deception and confusion can lead easily into addictions.

To have your chart cast you will need to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  If you don't know your birth time and family can't estimate it, I have a process for approximating it.

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