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What is Shamanic


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What is Shamanism?


​Shamanism is the general name used to refer to a diverse set of nature-based and animistic spiritual beliefs and customs practiced by indigenous cultures since ancient times.  There are many forms, each representative of the times and places in which they have been developed.


My type is informed by the spiritual medicine practices of the Native North Americans -- especially the Cherokee with whom I have genetic roots, the Lakota, Cheyenne, Blackfoot, and Ojibwe from whom I have learned much.



What is SpiritWork?


SpiritWork is the word I use for engaging in personal spiritual growth.  This includes learning the history, myths, and current practices of the spiritual path that calls to you, as well as learning to increase your intuitive skills and ritual practices.


To engage in SpiritWork with me is to get personal mentoring in:


  • hearing and following Spirit guidance

  • calling your guardians of the 7 directions

  • deepening bonds with your spirit guides

  • developing clearer intuitive skills

  • learning to discern messages from Nature

  • becoming a fearless spiritual warrior

  • crafting spiritpath with integrity

  • working through spiritual ethical dilemmas

  • honing business skills with a spiritual heart

  • following up on integration after retrieval

Spirit Work can be done as a package or on an as needed basis.

Email to schedule a brief chat to determine 

if SpiritWork is what you need.

​One promise I make to you  ~ 

I'm not interested in converting you

​to my beliefs. My goal is to help you uncover your own.

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