A 3 Card
Vision Quest Reading

Need some quick clarity on a problem, dilemma, stressful situation or choice point for moving forward in your life?


This 3 card reading with shamanically oriented Vision Quest cards will provide an answer to your one most essential question.  Only $26 ~~ delivered by email.

This special expires 30 April. Order yours now.


What a reading with
Vision Quest cards
will give you:
  • the full essence of your concern

  • what hinders you

  • what helps you

  • recommended next steps

  • a simple shamanic practice to support you

The Vision Quest cards align with a shamanic understanding of the energetic forces at work in our lives -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. All the symbols used in this deck are drawn from Native American spiritualities, and they instantly feel familiar, warm, loving, and safe as they unlock ancient wisdoms.

A reading with these cards helps you face challenges more easily by unlocking some of the hidden aspects of the situations that are before you.  A reading can add to your confidence and reduce your worries by providing you with the voice of the spirits, elements, elders, and ancestors who are supporting you in your growth and achievements.