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Powers and Mysteries of Dark Moon Magick

Tomorrow, 19 October 2017 at 11 minutes past noon on the Pacific Coast, the Moon officially meets the Sun at 26 degrees of Libra, and we'll call it the New Moon. Technically, though, we don't see any new moon when these astro-conjunctions occur because the Sun blocks our view of it. So in reality this period, and the days or hours before and after when the Moon is not visible are called the Dark Moon.

Some modern calendars name the date of the New Moon as the time when the first sliver of the waxing crescent comes into view -- usually as much as two days after the actual astrological alignment, by which time the Moon could be in an entirely different sign! The moral of that fact is to use an ephemeris or astrology software if you want the real timing of the New Moon.

The Dark Moon is said to hold especially strong destructive energies, making it ideal for rituals intended to break or banish certain unhealthy habits or relationships.

If you are inclined to believe in curses, the Dark Moon is the perfect time for curse-breaking rituals.

It is said that during a Dark Moon, the portals to the spirit world are more easily opened than they are during a Full Moon. That makes the Dark Moon period especially beneficial for accessing the mysteries of the Akashic records, for communicating with the Ancestors, and for asking for help from the beings of the chthonic and the crossroads of the spirit world. During this time psychic mediums may be more successful in connecting with reluctant deceaseds.

But that more easily opened portal to the spirit world carries a caution as well if you believe evil or mischievous entities can take possession of your mind or body. Those frightened by Ouija boards should probably avoid them during the Dark Moon.

Although, if you practice exorcisms or shamanic extractions or depossessions, the Dark Moon is said to make your work go more smoothly and be more successful.

Next month on 18 Nov 2017 at 3:41 am PST the Scorpio Dark Moon will be especially powerful and wide open to the forces of the LowerWorld. Scorpio is associated with that which is hidden deep within the psyche, with abuses of power, and traumatic experiences. There is danger afoot during a Scorpio Dark Moon -- but remember that this sword cuts both ways, and a skilled spiritual warrior is just as dangerous to those intending harm as malicious energies are menacing to the innocent.

Psychic Protection during the Dark Moon

For those of you who are growing in your magicks, this is an especially powerful time for practicing divination and getting more accurate interpretations. Whether using cards, pendulum, scrying, or talking with Nature Spirits and spirit guides, if you are still a student in these spiritual arts, the Dark Moon might be considered a time of mandatory attendance and participation.

But before doing anything to connect with or open yourself to the spirit world during any Dark Moon, be sure to envelop yourself in several layers of psychic and energetic protection, maybe including:

1. constructing a magical circle, using a ring of salt

2. calling in the guardians of the 4 or 7 directions

3. meditating on being wrapped in a golden or white bubble

4. asking an ancestor, deity or other spiritual being to watch over you

5. if shamanically trained, calling on your Power Animal

6. beginning any trancework with a protection prayer

Then when you are done with your ritual or divination or magickal working, be sure to thank the guardians or beings who have protected you, disengage from the Power Animal, dissolve the light bubble, and close and deconstruct the circle. Following this proper etiquette for ending any spiritual work is especially helpful during a Dark Moon, but of course should be routinely done at all times.

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