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Could the Dark Moon Time Be the Most Powerful of the Lunar Cycle?

dark moon power from WiseWomanSeer and Deah Curry

The Dark Moon period marks the end of a lunar cycle. It’s purpose is to allow the quiet, solitary, deep introspection of all that has occurred in the cycle that is concluding. It is the time for absorbing the growth and learning, and fully integrating the lessons into our souls.

We are always so busy in modern life. Most of us rarely meditate fully. Few relish the time alone needed for soul and spirit to ground, reflect, and prepare for another round of life. This contributes to the prevalent feeling of missing something, and even to that sense of being a fraud that so many struggle with.

With all the internal and external pressures we have on us from all sides these days, I’m starting to think that it is the Dark Moon time that is the most important of the lunar cycle.

Lunar alignments have come to be for some a scramble for the "right ritual" and the "best crystal".

Don't forget to set your intentions and time the start of new projects during the New Moon, we are reminded.

Do rituals for attracting and manifesting during the waxing Moon phase, we're told.

Cast Full Moon power spells to release, overcome, and prevent.

Get help during a waning Moon to banish, repel, and transition.

But seldom are we taught the deep, instinctual mysteries of the Dark Moon.

In rushing through the lunar cycle, focused on alignments with active magicks, we miss out on the absorbing and gestating the wisdom of the Dark Moon time.

In my opinion, even lightworkers, and especially spiritual warriors, benefit enormously from making it a routine practice to honor the Dark Moon. It is at this time that we are most receptive to connecting with the wisdom and energies of the Universe. It is a supremely sacred and power-filled time.

Each Dark Moon of the year carries not only lunar energies, but also the energies of the astrological sign it inhabits. Holding our thoughts on both the feelings, habits, responsiveness, and inheritances of lunar energies, as well as on the keywords corresponding to the current astro-month can provide a pathway for meditation that yields wisdom about the self, about others, and any situation of the moment.

Here are some focus keywords to enhance Dark Moon meditations with astrological correspondences.

  1. August / Leo / Creative Fire -- confidence, endurance, generosity

  2. September / Virgo / Nurturing Earth -- being of service, health, integrity

  3. October / Libra / Inspiring Air -- harmonious relationship, diplomacy, discernment

  4. November / Scorpio / Empathic Water -- secrets, transformations, personal power

  5. December / Sagittarius / Creative Fire -- freedom, truth, ideals

  6. January / Capricorn / Nurturing Earth -- consistency, authority, responsibility

  7. February / Aquarius / Inspiring Air -- reformation, progressive, humanity

  8. March / Pisces / Empathic Water -- urge to merge, envision, receptivity

  9. April / Aries / Creative Fire -- assertiveness, initiative, survival

  10. May / Taurus / Nurturing Earth -- practicality, patience, indulgence

  11. June / Gemini / Inspiring Air -- curiosity, flexibility, sociability

  12. July / Cancer / Empathic Water -- vulnerability, protectiveness, insecurity

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