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Taurus Sun Sign: Patient, Reliable, Resilient

First of the Earth signs, steady, reliable, sensual Taurus is defined by her determination to carry out her commitments. Her loyalty once given is typically unwavering, her patience seemingly unending. The Taurus person could well be the reason for the phrase, the salt of the Earth due to an admirable devotion to routines.

Often quiet in outward affect, Taurus nonetheless revels in creature comforts. Her pleasures are usually the simple ones that make her feel good in body and soul. Good food, good company, satisfying conversation, small self-indulgences, and creative outlets are the ways the typical Taurus makes herself happy on a daily basis.

The Taurean true self tends to be stoic in the face of adversity, taking troubles in stride, seeking solutions instead of engaging in poor-me whining. Her first ins