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Leo Sun Sign: Charming, Proud, Benevolent Leader

WiseWomanSeer explains Leo Sun sign

Leo is the second of the three Fire signs, and the one who cares most about making a favorable impression on others. When well balanced, this focus is exerted in being magnanimous and charming, two traits that soften what can be a commanding approach to the world. Because the typical Leo true self has a solid foundation of self-confidence, there is a good-natured affect that shines with grace, warmth, and trust in most interactions.

Leos usually feel quite at home at center stage. They like holding the attention of an audience, and getting credit for their accomplishments, and the spotlight that puts them in. (Leos who shun the spotlight will have very good reasons for doing so that may involve an unhealed injury to their pride, a strong mediating Rising sign or Moon, or house placement in an intercepted sign).

In return for comfort with attention, the typical Leo is a natural leader, one who listens to others and factors their opinions into her decisions for the greatest good. It is no mistake that Leo's mascot is the lion, king of beasts, for there is an underlying regal quality to the Leo nature. Unconsciously the Leo expects to be praised or have the adulation of the masses, as any born sovereign does.

The ego self of a Leo revolves around feeling special, and ones with a strong Leo Sun, Moon or Rising sign may go through life knowing they are meant to do something important even if they never really know explicitly what that will be. When Leo ego-pride is wounded, it can take a long time to forgive, and is never forgotten. But the Leo's strong belief in herself will eventually overcome these wounds, at least on the outside.

When stressed out, those with a Leo Sun sign can slip into drama queen or control freak approaches to getting their sense of self-empowerment back on track. From a karmic perspective, what the Leo is learning is how to hold and use the enormous power that their position in life / in relationships, their creative nature, and their generosity affords them. The self-aware Leo recognizes that entitlement and privilege are pernicious enemies that allow the sense of being special to run amok, and puts the Leo out of true-self integrity.

The Leo Interactional Style

Expecting everyone to operate with the same honesty and morality, the same reciprocal loyalty, and high performance standards as she does, Leo's integrity and interactions with peers and family is based on these values. Leos tend to be initially quite trusting but they are vulnerable to getting taken advantage of by unscrupulous friends and associates. Once this occurs, the Leo person can judge herself to have been overly naive, and become more controlling in relationships as a result.

Leos give careful, deliberate thought to all problems presented, but in the end, they tend to come to conclusions with a great deal of intuition and less reliance on detail and fact. Ultimately, Leos use a yardstick of what will make them look the best or what will provide the most power or leverage when deciding on the best course of action. This isn't essentially narcissistic in the Leo's eyes. Leos value their ability to have influence over decisions that ultimately gain the greatest good for all -- which is their primary objective -- and they see maintaining their leadership role as the practical way to do that.

Traditional Leo Traits

  • strong endurance for any task / enthusiastic

  • self-assured / proud

  • dignified / regal

  • generous / benevolent

  • charming / playful / boisterous

  • conceited / overbearing

  • dramatic / spotlight stealing

  • opinionated / patronizing

  • conceited / pompous


Do you see yourself represented fully and accurately by your Sun sign? What ascribed characteristics fit you, and which ones don't?


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