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Sagittarius Sun Sign: Enthusiastic Life-Long Learner

WiseWomanSeer explains Sagittarius Sun Sign

Sagittarius is the last of the 3 Fire Signs. Unlike mission-driven Aries, and drama-dealing Leo, Sag has a more carefree approach to life. This is due to the innate need for ultimate freedom. Whether in terms of thoughts, commitments, or physical environment, the typical Sag doesn't like feeling pinned down and is happiest when feeling allowed to change her mind, and be on the next adventure to add to their learning about themselves and their world.

The enthusiasm and positive mindset of the true Sag usually seems inexhaustible, and can often be the life of any party. Unmediated by other factors in a chart, the Sagittarian true self tends to be sociable, generous, and creatively-minded. When taking an interest in others, the Sag is often seeking to discover answers to their own inner questions about the human condition and the deeper truths of life.

In essence, the Sagittarius is the quintessential self-educator, tackling the mysteries of the universe.

Where Aries takes on fights for personal goals, and Leo fights when pride is threatened, Sagittarius takes up the cause of the perceived underdog, diving in with characteristic creative problem solving, the Sag ego can be attached to the ability to model how to seize opportunities to improve a situation.

This carpe diem tendency perhaps make the Sagittarius more likely to live in the moment than other Sun signs. It's typical of a Sag to act first and think about it later if at all, and not be bogged down by pesky, action-slowing emotions. The natural Sag optimism and enthusiasm is all they need to get through everything.

Basically honest, the Sag person doesn't consider exaggerating the truth to make for a better story, or telling white lies a breach of integrity when it serves a higher purpose or makes a point. Nor is it considered dishonest to not follow through on promises, for promises are only optimistically expressed hopes that are just to easily forgotten when opportunities for new adventures come up.

The Sagittarian Integrity Meter

More than anything else, in my astrological experience, I'd have to say that Sagittarian integrity is all about finding and living out one's Truth, and encouraging others to do the same, wherever that takes them. And to be in integrity, the Sag must feel the freedom to question, to experiment, to challenge, to explore, and to gather a variety of experiences that add to or alter one's belief system.

It is being in that process of being a seeker, adding to their knowledge, that provides the most satisfaction for the typical Sagittarian.

Traditional Sagittarian Traits

  • seeker / questor / questioner

  • spontaneous / enthusiastic / optimistic / jovial

  • adventurer / traveler

  • creative / unconventional imagination

  • philosophic / idealistic

  • freedom-loving

  • extravagant / generous / expansive

  • restless / careless / acts before thinking

  • raw honesty / tactless

  • exaggerates truth / uses words to wound


Do you see yourself represented fully and accurately by your Sun sign? What ascribed characteristics fit you, and which ones don't?

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