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Capricorn Sun Sign: Takes Responsibility Competently and Consistently

I've been thinking a lot lately about how it is that I seem to show many more Aquarian, Scorpion, and Leonine traits than might be expected for one whose Sun is in Capricorn. If the Sun sign was all that important -- as those super short newspaper horoscopes try to have us believe -- most people would be unlikely to guess my Sun sign. I'm not all that ambitious, rarely accused of being conservative, and self-control is definitely lacking when it comes to certain non-nutritious food groups.

Capricorns are supposed to either be / seek to be authorities, or to bow to authority. LOL! In reality I've never been overly impressed by people in authority, nor all that desirous of wearing the mantle of authority occasionally given to me.

Caps are said to have a tendency to become authoritarian. I guess I'm a bad example of a Capricorn then, because authoritarianism is something I always strive to avoid, or end up rebelling against. My opinions, beliefs, knowledge are no more important that anyone else's. I'm no fan of dogma of any kind, and will poke holes in such thinking every chance I get.

The Sun sign is often spoken of as indicating one's true self. This comes from the idea that the Sun represents the indestructible soul force within us, and the belief that the true self serves to integrate all the random and disparate parts of the personality -- represented astrologically by the Ascendant (aka, Rising sign) -- and the emotional needs (represented by the Moon sign) that direct our motivations and actions.

Just as often, the Sun sign is associated with one's ego by way of representing one's individuality and conscious self-expression. Perhaps this is accurate for others, but if this were true for me, I should have a Sun in Aquarius which is more likely to express progressive ideals rather than Capricornian conservative reactions, and to be detached or dispassionate about outcomes instead of being nose-to-the-grindstone attached to getting things done according to approved rules.

I bet I'm not the only one who has had difficulty seeing the accuracy of their sun sign playing out in how they meet their world. The key, I've learned, is to consider each traditional trait assigned to your particular Sun Sign, and explore how it does show up in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Sun Sign as Internal Integrity Indicator

What I'm seeing more clearly now is that the Sun sign shapes in us certain inviolate values that we hold ourselves up against, and that form the core of our internally driven integrity.

For example, typical Capricorns tend to be serious about their responsibilities and duties. There is practically no bigger sin in a Cap's eyes than to be irresponsible. To not keep one's word, to shirk duties, to not meet deadlines and negotiated expectations is unthinkable in the Capricorn world.

Okay, I do hold this value.

A close cousin to the transgression of being irresponsible is the sin of being incompetent, especially when pretending otherwise. Capricorns also value consistency as another close relative of how to handle responsibility.

Yep, nothing worse to me than brazen incompetence, or inconsistency that destroys a right relationship with responsibility. Maybe I'm more Cappy than I thought.

The Flip Side of a Sun Sign Trait

One thing Capricorns may have to learn is to not take on responsibility that doesn't belong to them. Holding good boundaries is part of enacting self-discipline and learning that just because we CAN do something doesn't mean we HAVE to, or that we should.

Being responsible doesn't require rescuing other people from their own bad mistakes, the consequences of their irresponsible behaviors, or from their sacred karmic lessons.

Traditional Capricorn Traits

  • Responsible / Observes Duty

  • Authority / Authoritarian

  • Disciplined / Consistent / Controlling

  • Cautious / Patient / Prudent

  • Conservative / Conservation Conscious

  • Conventional / Resists Change

  • Practical strategist

  • Pessimistic / Narrow-minded / Critical

  • Ambitious but risk-averse


Do you see yourself represented fully and accurately by your Sun sign? What ascribed characteristics fit you, and which ones don't?

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