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Astro-Energetics: Signs and Symptoms that Solar Flares May Be Impacting You

An astronomic event that can have real influence on human minds and bodies are solar flares. Not everyone notices these signs and symptoms, and if you do experience some, you probably won't experience them all.

And these difficulties and increases are usually quite short lived and not more than a day or two at most, but typically quite brief, passing in minutes or hours. Nonetheless, as humanity in general becomes more energetically aware, it's possible to correlate these coronal mass ejections to the most notable signs and symptoms listed in the graphic for this blog. I want to caution, though, that many of these symptoms are also more likely explained by other causes -- emotional stress, food allergies, shifts in blood pressure, subclinical (as yet undetected) disease, among other causes.

As always, if the less enjoyable symptoms on this list consistently interfere with your daily optimal functioning or quality of life, do check it out with a qualified health care provider.

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