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Astro-Energetics: Saturn and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Well, it's been more than a month since I've blogged -- my apologies. With both Saturn and Pluto in retrograde right now, I'm feeling fairly drained of energy. Maybe you are too?

Another way to put it is that both these planets tend to demand the kind of internal examination and changes in one's approach to daily life that are effortful.

With Saturn, our personal limits push back against our ambitions and plans. Others challenge our boundaries in ways that make us feel like we are constantly renegotiating and getting damn tired of it.

If this weren't bad enough, Pluto retrograde is bringing usually subconscious drives to the surface, potentially creating a sense of wanting and needing to breach our limits, transcend our staid boundaries, and free ourselves from feeling controlled by external and impersonal forces.

In short, this is a time of needing to use more personal power than we might be used to in order to feel like we still have some control of our lives. It's time to stop trying to make something work that simply is not working, time to stop beating our heads against the wall.

Anyone else feeling this way?

Photo below of Pluto, one of the most recent and most close up ever taken, from NASA's New Horizons mission.


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