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Shamanic Soul Healing Can Tame a Lot of Worry

Feeling like the spiritual black sheep in the family? Got a vague sense of mission since a young age? Not sure what it is?

Having extraordinary or scary psychic experiences?

I know exactly what that's like. And I want you to know this ~ You don't have to live in despair, wanting to articulate and feel certain about your beliefs, but having no understanding guide to help you sort out wisdom from spiritual blackmail.

I can relate to what you're going through and I have the tools and training to help you figure it out.

So many women today are yearning to feel more in tune with the benevolence of the Universe. Perhaps you want to gain or restore a sense of the deep ancient mysteries, like your fore-mothers did. Maybe you feel the need to understand intuitive or psychic experiences while feeling safely held and knowingly guided by the spiritual beings and precepts you wish to rely on.

If somewhere inside, you know you are on a quest for your True Self, your Life Purpose, or spiritual Mission, you probably want better ways to hear and trust your own intuitive wisdom. Maybe you've been getting communications from spiritual sources that come in words, symbols, imagery, coincidences, bodily-felt sensations or a direct sense of knowing. I have several ways to help you develop the natural spiritual connections that are right for you.

Perhaps you're having psychic experiences or other phenomena in the realm of what's called spiritual emergencies. These experiences can be intense and frightening, in large part because they aren't well understood by clergy or by psychology, and get misinterpreted as psychotic or panic attacks. Although it is important to ensure that there is no psychosis, in most cases all that is required is education from a knowledgeable and supportive source.

If you are developing psychic abilities or other special spiritual gifts, you might benefit from special training to help you use them in grounded and healthy ways, so that you don't become overwhelmed by the flood of information that can create chaos in your everyday life.

Whatever the reason that's got you on the internet looking for ​answers, insights, new practices, or connection, I'd feel privileged to help where I can.

As an ordained minister with the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, I am authorized to provide you with shamanically-informed spiritual counseling. As a personal growth educator and coach, I assure you that spiritual counseling with me will be free from any religious evangelism, that your own spiritual beliefs will always be respected, and that religious conversion will never be part of your shamanic path with WiseWomanSeer. As a former adjunct faculty member of Bastyr University, and a retired psychotherapist, I'll be able to recognize when what you're experiencing might be better served by a professional in the mental health or natural health arenas, and have a large community of colleagues to refer you to for appropriate care.

If you're a seeker of spiritual wisdom I can help.

If the religion you were raised with has become toxic to your spirit, or you've become disillusioned by religious hypocrisy and you long for a spirituality that's free from dogma, you aren't alone.

If your soul cries out for meaning and purpose, and your heart is craving

connection and alignment, this is a sign that you are already on a shamanic path and meant to have an extraordinary spiritual life. I'm here to help you achieve that.

If you hear, see or sense things beyond normal abilities, or are having unusual experiences that you don't understand, now is the time to find out more about these gifts.

Shamanic spiritual counseling does not assume you are broken and need to be fixed. It is not a form of psychotherapy. Nor does it start from the premise that your thoughts and emotions are disordered and in need of treatment in order to be normal.

One promise I make to you right now ~ I'm not interested in converting you to my beliefs. My goal is to help you uncover your own.

If this is of interest to you, and you'd like to know more, contact WiseWomanSeer today.

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