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Blue Moon in Libra Squares Off with Mars/Saturn in Cap to Add Emotional Tension

full moon astrology from WiseWomanSeer

Tomorrow, March 31, at about 5:36 am Pacific time, we will have the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018, an infrequent though not especially rare occurrence. So called blue moons happen when there is a second Full Moon in the same calendar month. We also had a blue moon in January, and no Full Moon at all in February. Weird, huh?

This Full Moon occurs in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, law, and relationships. Full Moons, as you may know, are characterized not just by their complete illumination, but also by being in 180 degree opposition to the position of the Sun -- which is currently in Aries.

Any Aries /Libra opposition is bound to stir up some emotional tension, especially when the needs of the Other conflict with the needs of Self. Despite its reputation as a kind of yearning romantic, during this Blue Moon lunar empathy could be sorely required but in short supply this weekend as the more assertive Sun dominates the more conciliatory Moon.

Making this dynamic worse is the fact that the Sun/Moon opposition is in a T-square configuration with a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. Whereas Mars in Cap is an assertive and insistent force for action now, Saturn in Cap can be an especially strict holder of boundaries -- aka the astrological disciplinarian and control freak.

Those two are having enough argument between them without the Full Moon's interference. You could say Mars and Saturn are already engaged in a kind of battle of wills.

Not that this is entirely all bad. As always in astrology, there is potential for both the positive and the negative. The negative of this Blue Full Moon weekend is the possibility of feeling a sense of urgency or an urge for putting something in motion that is simultaneously thwarted but not quite yet having all the necessary pieces in place, or meeting obstructions and unsolicited opinions about your goals.

The positive of this Blue Full Moon is the possibility of experiencing an increased amount of determination, seeing the path around the obstacles, feeling yourself on the brink of some changes you have wanted to make for a long time -- and knowing exactly what must happen to put them into place.

There may be a measured sense of courage for moving forward, and a knowing that you are ready to accept responsibility and be held accountable for whatever outcomes develop from the changes you are in process of making.

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