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Past Lives and Genealogy - Do We Reincarnate into Our Own Future Bloodline?

This is a question I have pondered since realizing I am a past life clairvoyant. The question becomes even bigger when delving into genealogy.

Typically when we hear stories of people spontaneously remembering their past lives, the ethnicity or countries involved, languages, genders, and other factors seem to point to a kind of reincarnational globe-hopping. That is, all plausible argument that we inhabit different bloodlines.

But then there is other research into several stories in which a young boy seems to be a reincarnation of his own grandfather, and that twin girls are their own prematurely deceased sisters.

So perhaps the answer is -- both the bloodline and the globe-hopping could be possible.

The more I have studied my own genealogy, the more familiar some ancestors seem to me, as if I too had lived their lives. Their names, travels, circumstances, part of the world, and so on, are as familiar as an old memory. And there are several sets of ancestors with occupations that would explain a lot of my own work choices and life attitudes, as if I'm fitting into family history woven throughout many centuries.

For example, I've always thought of myself as a freelancer. I like being an independent contractor, setting my own schedule, deciding who to work for, and all that. I feel the most natural when working this way.

Turns out, the term freelance comes from the days when men who were not the first sons in their families -- meaning, those who would not inherit land nor title nor power -- became the warrior class of knights who were free to use their lances, those big pointy sticks used to stab other warriors while on horseback, in service to any cause or king who would hire them.

General George Patton, the famous American commander credited with liberating France in WWII, reportedly knew (claircognizantly) or saw (clairvoyantly) himself in previous lifetimes, always as a warrior of some kind. He had a firm feeling of being the reincarnated soul of the Carthaginian general Hannibal, famous for marching an army from North African, up the Iberian Peninsula, crossing the Pyrenees mountains into Europe then crossing the Alps to invade what is now Italy-- with elephants.

On the other hand, I have a very strong sense of having perished in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. This sense was my first awareness of personal reincarnation, and yet there is no relative in my bloodline who suffered this traumatic demise. But psychospiritually, I feel a stronger connection to that lifetime than to the parents or grandparents, aunts or uncles who would have been of the same age during that period of history.

I don't know how to explain that both types of past lives might be possible for the same soul.

I do know that when I do a past lives reading, most clients have a strong resonance with the lifetimes I "see" for them. They have felt uncommonly drawn to the time period or location, or some circumstance of the past life is strikingly similar to something in their present lifetime that sets them apart from their family. But that is a passion for them, or a super strong sense that they can't explain where that comes from, until hearing about their past life.

So the question becomes, what is the purpose of having both bloodline and globe-hopping reincarnations? Does that simply allow multiple aspects and perspectives of certain karmic lessons to be explored? Or does it point to perhaps living simultaneous timelines at once, in multiple universes of reality?

Oy, now that is a puzzle that remains a mystery.


If you are interested in have a past life reading, there are several to choose from:

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