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2018 is the Year of the Yang Mountain Dog

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As we are about done with the year of the Rooster, it's time for a little insight into the Chinese Year of the Dog. To refine the picture, we must add that this is a male or Yang year, as well as an Earth element or Mountain year, which is associated with the color brown. Hence year of the Brown Yang Mountain Dog.

The Chinese New Year is typically marked by the New Moon following what in the West we call Imbolc. This year that falls on Feb 15 at 1:04 pm Pacific Time.

Because Chinese years go in multiples of 12, you were born in the year of the Dog if your birth year is 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, or 2006, etc. But not every dog year is male / yang, nor Earth. Those traits belong to other sets of cycles too confusing to get into here. Also, if you were born in January or early February in any year following the ones just listed here, your year is that of the Rooster, not Dog.

The 12 animals assigned to the Chinese years should not be confused for shamanic spirit guides. These animals do not have a personal relationship with you, do not lend you their power so are not your power animal, and do not accompany you on journeys as a shamanic spirit guide would do. They are instead simple references for a set of traits or energies that tend to characterize a year or a person's approach to life.

The animals are:

Rat Ox Tiger

Rabbit Dragon Snake

Horse Goat Monkey

Rooster Dog Boar

Another difference from Western astrology is that the Chinese system uses 5 elements, instead of the Western 4 of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The Chinese elements are:






And that's just the beginning of how Chinese astrology is so complex!

2018 Year of the Brown Yang Mountain Dog

In real life, a Yang Mountain Dog can be a fierce guardian, but can also serve as an barrier to putting plans into practice. In astrology the message for the year is to look for potential obstacles first, before racing ahead down your path. And take this entire year to do some big picture planning and clearing the way so that you will be ready for next year. Don't worry when small picture bumps in the road force some detours.

People born in the year of the Dog, Horse or Tiger, and maybe Ox, may feel an extra push towards taking actions that leave our mark on society or professional life, but self-discipline will be especially required in order for that mark to be a positive one. The less supported we feel by family and partner, the more driven we are likely to become to prove our worth. We can be highly protective and loyal, but will chafe at any attempts to put us on a leash.

Many of us could find ourselves chasing our tails this year, as it is predicted to be a somewhat exhausting year. We may feel the pull of getting things started, and then experience frustrating set backs. It is the stress of this back and forth that is tiring, so it's good to keep in mind that it is a natural process and won't create big losses for most of us -- just a fair amount of annoyance!

The general prediction for this Yang Mountain Dog year is that something big or overwhelming will happen, but not without a lot of barking and possibly some bite. Interesting to see this in the context of 2018 being an election year in the US, the incessant political barking making news everyday, and the current stock market roller-coaster.

Master Tsai, an expert Chinese astrologer, says that big corporations will benefit this year, as will the employees of those enterprises -- which is what the news reports about the latest US tax scam (ugh, tRump plan. Could it be a coincidence that 45 was born in the year of the Dog? LOL!!!)

As you can see, Chinese astrology is quite complicated, using many concepts or principles of calculation not employed in Greco-Roman (Western) astrology, or at least applied somewhat differently. Most if not all of the time, Chinese charts resemble Vedic charts in that they tend to be square rather than round. Here's an example:

chinese astrology chart


Check this website for a glimpse into the complexity of Chinese astrology:

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