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Can Astrology Predict or Explain Stock Market Behavior, Growth, or Losses?

The short answer to the headline’s question is yes, perhaps. As with any type of astrology, prediction is always a much less certain endeavor than is explanation. And when talking about the world of stocks and bonds and publicly traded companies especially, prediction and explanation take a real depth of knowledge and experience in both realms, which is why financial astrology is a highly specialized art and science.

In no way am I a financial astrologer. Please don’t ask me to tell you anything about your chances in the stock market – chance is the operative word. It’s high stakes gambling and my nervous system isn’t geared for it.

Nonetheless when the market dropped so drastically today (2 Feb 2017), I got curious about what might be any obvious signs in today’s daily chart. So I cast the transits – a chart that shows where planets are at a given time (5 minutes before the opening of the market today) and place (NYC where the US stock exchange is headquartered).

The first thing that leaps out at me is that Uranus, the planet of sudden chaos, is located in the 2nd house of personal income. The warning here is that money is there one minute and gone the next. Big losses in store for those who are heavily invested.

The market was down 666 points today. This is after a fall of about half that just a couple days ago.

The second thing I note is that the day’s ascendant (personality, attitude, how the person, or, in this case, the day is viewed) is in Pisces, the sign that often portends confusion and disillusion. The indication here is a foreshadowing of getting the rug pulled out from under you, possibly in a breath-taking way.

To add insult to that injury, Neptune and Chiron are both in Pisces in the first house. Now, my quick and minimal research suggests that it’s not standard to include Chiron in a financial astro-analysis.

Chiron rules no sign and no house. Still, it’s mildly eye-raising to know that it often points to causes or events of suffering, and in the 1st house today that could well be the suffering around the sense that the survival of a stock portfolio is endangered.

Neptune can be an indicator for the tendency to idealize something to the point of falling into fantasy land. In this chart it is carrying a kind of double strength because Neptune also rules Pisces.

So the high potential for an event happening today that challenges our survival decisions (1st house realm) and creates a gut wrenching sense of loss as well as a mental confusion as to why the market drop happened, is right there in the chart.

Saturn is another planet that is watched closely by financial astrologers. Saturn, like Neptune is also in the sign it rules – in this case Capricorn. It is said that Saturn and Capricorn both can warn of expecting problems and setbacks.

Today it clearly was waving a big red flag to say that market complications will increase, and portfolio reforms will, more likely than not, backfire. Many who play the market probably saw that Saturn in Capricorn dynamic happen while they watched today.

In psychological astrology the 11th house is usually interpreted as suggesting experiences of rebellion, but also saying something about one’s associations. Today, financially speaking, those associations could be viewed as the stocks or bonds you hold – the associations you have with the companies and municipalities issuing those securities.

Well, putting it all together, there certainly was a disruption or rebellion against the stock market’s status quo as many associations fell apart, or lost value.

And then there’s Pluto in Capricorn too, also in that 11th house. Many astrologers of all kinds would say that Pluto in Cap has the potential to create some turmoil for the chart owner’s finances, especially those that may be shared with others. Inheritances, taxes, joint business ventures, debt, and yes even stocks and mutual funds can be impacted by Pluto in Cap.

Pluto’s interest here is in eliminating everything that isn’t good for you. In the context of a drastic stock market drop, we have to know that analysts have been concerned for a while by the “bull” or upward trending market. They have been talking about being overdue for a bit of market “correction” – broker-speak for don’t get use to those rising dividends and earnings because it ain’t gonna last.

Pluto today effectively acted to eliminate that enthusiastic market trend.

Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, Saturn and Pluto are slow moving entities in an astrology chart. Sadly, that means this market correction could last for a while.


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