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First New Moon of 2018 Celebrates Grounded Transformation

I don't know if any other astrologer would see a New Moon in the serious, authoritarian, work hard sign of Capricorn as hopeful, but that's how it's feeling to me. As the first New Moon of 2018, the strong Earth energy of Cap settles and calms the excitements and uncertainties of being in a new year.

But it is the lunar phase for releasing all of the emotional baggage dragged in from 2017 -- including resentments, disappointments, frustrations, guilts, shames, angers, and other grudges we accumulated towards others and ourselves in the past 12 months. Think of it as a kind of emotional spring cleaning for the new year!

You see, the Earth element generally wants to hold on to whatever it has invested in. But Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth, more prone to seeing when it is the Right Timing for striking out in a new direction. Combined with the New Moon, this Cardinal Earth is willing to let go of the old and seize the opportunities of the new.

In addition to the Sun and Moon being in Capricorn, 4 other planets are also in this task-master sign, including responsible Saturn, learner Mercury, transformative Pluto and desire-attracting Venus. This adds "weight" to the urge to be disciplined as we get going towards new goals.

Use Saturn's influence for planning steps and projects, use Mercury's curiosity to discover what needs to be learned or investigated.

Use Pluto's force to ruthlessly eliminate whatever does not belong to your soul's intentions, and use Venus's attraction magnet capabilities to manifest the emotional attitudes that will help you succeed.

Of course, it's always best to also pay attention to where these energies are playing out in your own astrological chart.

Nonetheless, this New Moon period that began in the evening of January 16th in the late degrees of Cap and extends over 72 hours has already seen the Moon this morning slipping into Aquarius-- an indication that while we do need to respect the past, we must also make room for the unknowns of the future.

Already the lunar energies are promoting the impulse to make our ideals manifest. Already the New Moon is pushing us towards progressive changes.

Already, this first 2018 New Moon is providing the building energy for not only being more grounded in the Capricornian way of being more disciplined and holding good boundaries, but also embracing innovative, transformative concepts and processes that will help us truly be the change that we seek.

So I see this New Moon as a hopeful one, showing us the way to walk in balance through whatever the year has in store for us. This New Moon that began in Capricorn reminds us that we have more solid ground beneath us to rely on than we might realize during times of Aquarian chaos, and it will be there to keep us rooted in our own capabilities, aware of sensible choices, and empowered by past experiences. Whoohoo!!

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