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Uranus Gives 2018 a Burst of Breakthrough Energy for Unexpected Changes

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The planet Uranus comes out of retrograde on Tues, Jan 2, and is likely to bring with it a lot of breakthrough energies.

This is the first time in a long while that none of the planets are in retrograde. Everything is moving forward at full force. With Uranus joining the pack, some of us will feel restless or pushed towards rebellion, even if the destination or cause is unclear.

Whenever Uranus is involved, expect the unexpected. This planet is famous for its surprises, innovative insights, flashes of inspiration, and even flare ups of rebellion against the status quo. It was, after all, discovered in the time period that saw the political, social, and economic revolutions of both the American Colonies against the British and the people against the aristocracy in France.

It is going direct in Aries too, which gives the heightened potential for starting something new, but possibly doing so by destroying something that has outlived its time.

For some, depending on where this is happening in your own chart, Uranus will stir up memories of old traumas, and stimulate uncomfortable anxieties. The purpose for this is to give you the change to more fully heal the wounds of the past so that you can go forward without them coloring your attitudes and choices.

The best defense against the fears of chaos and uncertainty that Uranus can trigger is to be in a curiosity-oriented frame of mind. By that I mean, stay open to meeting fear by simply observing it without judgment and without getting hooked into doing anything about it.

Just watch fear as it moves through your heart and mind like a strong wind, or even a cyclone. Notice how it travels through you, become aware of how it loses force when you don't react but just observe. Learn how fear changes into simply information when you don't feed it too much attention.


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