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Scorpio New Moon 2017 is Intense, Edgy, and Revealing

Scorpio New Moon astrology and ritual from WiseWomanSeer

For 2017, the Scorpio New Moon occurs on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 3:42 AM, west coast time when Sun and Moon are at 26 degrees and 19 minutes of Scorpio. Don't think of this as just another nurturing lunar event, because when Scorpio is involved, you can be sure emotions and behavior are bound to be intense, if not even a bit lunatic. This year there are several astrological reasons the November New Moon is likely to be darker than usual.

Stressful Relationship with Uranian Energies

Uranus is the rabble-rouser of the zodiac. It's agenda is to liberate repressed souls and situations. It often does this by destroying our comfortable defenses. With drama-queen Scorpio is involved, the combination can provoke shock, outrage, and a lot of bucking of society's conventions.

The least that is likely to happen is that anxiety may be increased as many of us could be exceptionally on edge this weekend, and possibly for the remainder of the Scorpio month -- which ends Tuesday evening Nov 21 with the arrival of Sagittarius.

Typical traditions of emotional security can be powerfully challenged during this New Moon. Even for the more shy, controlled, and aware among us, this Scorpio New Moon quincunx Uranus is likely to drag something we prefer to keep quiet into the spotlight. Thus, some of us will be dealing with the discomforts of the wrong kind of attention.

Depending on where this New Moon is falling in your own chart, expect the possibility of secrets being revealed and old wounds from childhood resurfacing.

The upside, is that this is the perfect time to discard any masks you've been wearing that have been keeping you separate from your authentic self and from being truthfully vulnerable in your most significant relationships.

Scorpio New Moon Ritual

The WiseWoman Seer is a fan of capturing the strong energies of astrological events. We can do that by using their influences to help reveal where we have fallen off our soul's path, and what is needed to course correct.

Forget the standard fluffbunny rituals of color coordinating candles and crystals, robotically setting new intentions, and repetitively hoping/praying for health, wealth and soulmates. The Scorpio New Moon is an invitation look deeper into your psyche than you ever have to find what your ego fears, and what your purest heart knows must change.

Sweep Out the Old. Because change, or rather Scorpionic transformation, starts with a thorough house cleaning of mindbodyspirit as well as inside and outside environments, a New Moon ritual should start with cleaning up kitchen and bathroom, putting scattered clothes away, changing bed linens, dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping off porch, deck and other surfaces you inhabit.

If you can, eat lightly or even fast during the weekend to help your body detox and prepare for the influx of transformative energies.

Enter the Solitude. For the solitary spiritual or shamanic practitioner the most powerful or instructive rituals are done alone. Or, rather, done in the company of your spirit guides instead of a community of humans.

Solitude can be gathered by walking in the woods, on the beach, in some secluded desert spot, or up a mountain trail, and finding a good spot to sit where you won't be bothered. If your location and climate allow, dare to be sky-clad (naked) if you can. The idea outside is to be a part of Nature in order to commune with her unseen beings and voices.

Or, if you live alone, or have access to a private and lockable indoor space somewhere, turn off all lights and electronics including music, and sit with nothing but the floor to support you. Dare to be air-clad (naked indoors) if you can. The idea is to remove all the usual barriers of the normal self in order to enter non-ordinary shamanic consciousness more deeply.

Call Your Spirit Guardians. I always recommend having relationships with a guardian for each of the 7 directions -- East, South, West, North, Below, Above and Within. Calling your 7 guardians, who can also be your shamanic spirit guides, wraps you in a protective sphere for doing any magickal or shamanic work.

Your guardians don't have to be spirit animals. They can be other spirit beings. But be careful about mixing too many different sorts of beings in your collective. See this explanation on why.

Ask to Contact Your Own Highest Self or Inner WiseWoman. Here's the heart of the ritual. Similar to meditation, hold the focus of this time on opening your awareness to communicating with your own innermost advisor, however you conceptualize that. This is the part of yourself that knows what is best for you and that is above petty, ego concerns. It is specifically not any being outside yourself.

Ask what it is that you need to eliminate from your life. Take the first clear answer that is presented to you. It may be an attitude, a belief, a fear, a habit, a person, a situation, or a possession.

Don't argue with your Highest Self. Argument comes from the ego, and this ritual is helping you get beyond ego. Your instruction might be surprising or dismaying, but accepting it with grace adds to your empowerment to accomplish it. Process any emotion about it after the ritual.

Then ask to be shown or told the most efficient and effective way to accomplish this elimination that will complete your New Moon request for transformation and be in alignment with your highest good. If no clear answer comes to you fairly quickly, ask to be shown or told in a dream, a tarot reading, or by use of a pendulum.

Finally ask if there is anything more you need to know or do right now, and wait for any answers to present themselves.

Thank Your Highest Self and Your Guardians. Always remember to show respect to innermost wisdom and to the spirit allies that watch over you when concluding any ritual. Doing so helps keep you in alignment with your soul's path.

This ritual can be an intense one if you aren't accustomed to regularly communing with your guardians and inner WiseWoman. But it's a powerful way to welcome a Scorpio New Moon.

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