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One Way to Discover Your Soul's Purpose and/or Soul Theme from Several Past Lives

Imagine for a moment that you are retirement age, have won a lottery, or for some reason never have to or aren't able to work another day in your life. What would you miss about your professional or career persona or purpose? Can you boil that down to a descriptor that is less than 5 words long?

Now ask yourself this -- Is that descriptor, that part of you, so central to who you are that you don't know who you'd be without it? Will it creep into your way of being in social or family interactions? Are you somewhat insulted or depressed if that way of being is somehow thwarted?

I'm calling these questions the Central Descriptor exercise.

If you can imagine such a possibility, you might have just discovered your soul's purpose for this life, or even bigger, your soul theme encompassing several lifetimes.

We don't often know our soul's purpose early in life. I think that's because it's in formation, and open to being redirected, giving us the chance to change the plan we came into this lifetime to live out.

But I'm thinking, too, that the plan might generically be to be a dancer, in a sense, except the type of dance you do -- whether cha cha, flamenco, boogie woogie, limbo, etc., is open to individual choice. So if you want, you can start out as a ballerina and finish up like Shirley Temple and Bill BoJangles Robinson on that big staircase. Here's a reminder of that reference:

I did that central descriptor exercise for myself recently, and what presented itself to me was that I'd be likely to continue being a helpful resource in some way. That's been my professional "brand" for several decades, and was my second nature even before that when my rolodex of people to recommend was always at my fingertips to make a connection when needed.

As confirmation, it has always made me super annoyed with a give helpful info to my family, and it goes ignored while they seek out the same answers from someone they deem to have more authority, like some televangelist! OY!! LOL.

That helpful resource way of being seems to have been a soul purpose of mine in several lifetimes, although it may have looked more like being a teacher in one, an oracle in another, a royal adviser several times, and a cultural interpreter once or twice, and just a busybody shopkeeper. There has been at least one lifetime in which I worked for an underground resistance group during a revolution where being a helpful resource was a life or death pursuit.

So you see how the dance theme can take different steps and styles, but still carry on the same purpose.

I'll be interested to hear what the central descriptor exercise reveals for you!

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