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Full Moon in Taurus Encourages Indulging, Warns about Self-Sacrificing and Rescuing

Full Moon Taurus Nov 2017 Interpreted by WiseWomanSeer

This Friday, Nov 3, 2017 at 10:21 pm Pacific Time, the Moon in Taurus will be exactly opposing the Sun in Scorpio. Given that the Moon and Scorpio are both exceptionally receptive to psychic influences, if in different ways, this Full Moon will naturally heighten that condition. Sitting at a midpoint between the conventional and astrological dates for Samhain, it can be an excellent time to carefully conjure some spiritual allies from the unseen world.

It's wonderful time for parties or hosting intimate romantic trysts, going all out to impress, and making things perfect aesthetically. It's a time to indulge in something that you've dreamed about, or that will make you feel nurtured -- you deserve it! Go for it.

But a few other influences will be at work during the 3 day (24 hours before / 24 hours surrounding / 24 hours after) Full Moon as well. Forewarned is forearmed.

Full Moon Sextile Neptune

We tend to think of Neptune as all dreamy, artistic, and psychic, and it does have that positive energy, to be sure. But there is a dark side to Neptune that we do well to remember and be prepared for. One of Neptune's main purposes is to dissolve whatever isn't working, especially when the cause of the dysfunctional problem is that we are obsessively striving for perfection or being overly self-sacrificing.

Take it from me -- you don't want any relationship you have thought of as meaningful or significant to be caught in the dark side of Neptune. The dissolving that Neptune does is not only to end the relationship but to do so in a way that makes you feel gut punched.

Neptunian disillusionment works to pull all the security illusions you've had about yourself, the other person, and the relationship or situation out from under you, leaving you feeling exposed, disoriented, and unable to catch your breath.

Full Moon sextile Neptune is astro-energy that can support such disillusionment if changing your perspective so painfully and drastically is needed for your highest good. You might not believe it at the time, but you will live through it and become a stronger person for it.

If you think this is happening to you, and you'd like some confirmation of Neptun's path in your own chart, plus a little advice about how to survive it, contact me.

Full Moon Square Ceres

Even though Ceres is considered the Great Mother or Nurturer energy, when sitting at cross angles with a Full Moon it brings out all the narcissistic or mother/daughter conflict energies that may normally lie under the surface in parent /child type relationships.

Full Moon square Ceres can be especially unpleasant for those who are already susceptible to the Victim/ Perpetrator/ Rescuer triangle. If you have any innate tendency to be of service to others, this is a time to pay close attention to your motivations.

Are you forcing "help" on others because you have an agenda or notion of what would be best for them?

This can be received as patronizing or manipulative when "rescuing" feels like re-victimization, or as if there are strings attached to your outwardly good intentions. This Full Moon is a really good time to let yourself back off. Let people ask you for help, rather than taking control of their situation.

During this Full Moon if you are intent on holding good boundaries, and not getting sucked into someone else's "rescue" game, you might be surprised that even polite and gentle refusal creates tension or anger in the other person.

Sometimes relationship breakdown can be avoided by buying time instead of outright refusal. Tell the unconscious rescuer in some way that you need some time to think about their offer. Don't give in. Maintaining your boundary is good for you and gets easier. And it helps teach the "rescuer" something about boundaries, too.

Full Moon Conjunct Fixed Star Menkar

Fixed Star astrology is not as well known as the more commonly understood Western Astrology that mostly uses planets and the few major asteroids. But there is a long and honored tradition of considering the fixed stars, including in ancient Persian and Celtic astrology.

Menkar is located at 13°37’ Taurus. Fixed Star authority Bernadette Brady says to consider Menkar as the “the unconscious becoming conscious, the sudden emergence of deep unconscious issues.”

When in such close proximity to a Full Moon -- 11°58’ Taurus -- the conjunction is likely to heighten any hidden sense of emotional insecurity you already have, and possibly any inbred paranoia about being taken advantage of. Combined with the squared Ceres, there could be a tendency to act the victim, become overly clingy, or desparate for more connection with certain people than they are ready and willing to give.

I see Menkar as an assistant in becoming more awake to our own motivations and insecurities, and more self-aware in navigating how these impact relationships and careers. Stressful contacts with Menkar can serve to remind us to practice equanimity -- that is, to observe what we feel without over-reacting to it.

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