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Samhain Reading Ritual for Grounded, Centered, Shielded Solitaries

Samhain tarot spread from WiseWomanSeer

For many Pagans, Samhain is the most sacred time of year. Whether celebrated on a single night, commonly Oct 31, or acknowledged to last until 24 hours after the Sun reaches the 15th degree of Scorpio -- which this year is at 9:38 pm Pacific time Monday Nov 6th -- Samhain is considered the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and when communicating with the dead is easiest.

In fact, those who have the gifts of psychic mediums may find this season to be replete with contacts from the deceased. If you are new to your psychic gifts or come from a religious background that thinks evil of such abilities what you need to know is that most of the time the dead mean you no harm. They are seeking to simply convey a message, understand their state, or move on to the afterlife but don't know how.

Do a little research -- there are many sources online that will instruct you on what to do with these kinds of contacts.

And empaths may find themselves flooded with the emotions of others. If you experience this, know that it is an opportunity for you to practice grounding, centering, and shielding so that your psychic boundaries are strong enough to protect you from unwanted energetic intrusions.

A Samhain Ritual for Solitaries

Many Pagans celebrate Samhain with their spiritual circle or coven (if you're a witch). But you don't have to be in a group or even a Pagan to do a special ritual on your own. Doing a tarot reading for yourself can be a great way to honor the occasion, and put yourself in the flow of magickal energies any night of the Samhain season.

Offered in this blogs image above is a tarot spread especially created for Samhain. You can use any tarot deck you prefer, or even oracle cards. If you are especially drawn to this kind of ritual you can do a reading on the 31st, another on the Full Moon -- which is Friday Nov 3 at 10:21 pm Pacific -- and a third reading on the astrological date for Samhain, Monday Nov. 6.

I often like to do the same spread with different decks because the varying imagery of the cards will yield different insights and answers.

Because the veil between the worlds is thin at this time, and doing a reading that calls on the Ancestors and Spirit Guides and other energies, it is best to follow this procedure, to ensure you are well protected and most receptive.

  1. Do some drumming, chanting or meditation to begin to shift out of mundane consciousness and into an expanded non-ordinary consciousness.

  2. Construct a magickal circle or call the directions to set your ritual boundaries.

  3. Smudge yourself as you create the circle with salt or seeds if outside, or with crystals or intention if indoors. Or call the directions.

  4. Ask your guardians to be present throughout the ritual, and thank them.

  5. Light candles on your altar within the circle.

  6. Announce your intentions as you light the candles -- to seek insight or answers, to receive wisdom, to connect with the Ancestors, etc.

  7. Do your reading and take notes. Be sure to note the date and the deck used.

  8. Leave cards turned up in the spread when you are done, if possible.

  9. Deconstruct your circle by:

  • thanking your guardians and bidding them farewell

  • dousing the candles

  • sweeping up the circle even if it is only in your mind

Finish up your ritual by drinking some wine or juice, and eating some bread or fruit to help you return to normal consciousness, and as a celebration.

Have fun with it, but remember that any ritual is a sacred act and that you are interacting with strong magickal energies. Trusting yourself, following ritual procedures, and respecting the unseen world goes a long way towards keeping any possible malicious or mischievous entities away.

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