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Repatterning the Idea of Fate as the Potentials Possible withing an Ever Constant Soul Theme

So many of us are feeling unsettled lately. Realities and arrangements as we have known them seem to be unraveling. These are times in which it is so comforting to have spiritual tools like oracle or tarot cards to provide perspective and insight

The image came to me today of knitting, and how it almost always happens at some point that we undo the rows we have done in order to start a different pattern. Amazingly, when I drew an oracle card, it depicted the idea that our fates are predetermined, woven for us in the spirit world.

That thought corresponds to the idea of pre-birth or soul planning, as popularized by Robert Schwartz, which I prefer because we theoretically participate in crafting each life's plan, rather than being the puppet controlled by some supernatural force.

Yet, mythologically, there is a long tradition of a belief in Fate, or more precisely, THE Fates . In Greek mythology they were collectively called the Moirai, sister deities who were pictured doing traditional "woman's work" of spinning thread.

In art, the Fates are almost always depicted as 3 women at a spinning wheel. The thread of the Moirai symbolized one's life, the length of it, and the end of it.

But a more modern interpretation of the Fates is that it is not the length of life that is spun, but the potential for lessons through the various experiential vehicles of difficulties, desires and achievements. What we make of our lives, what we spin with the threads given to us for each lifetime, creates the whole cloth, if you will, of our soul's theme through many incarnations.

In other words, perhaps the seeming unraveling of our lives is NOT a sign of something going wrong or something frightening about to happen. It may just simply be your karmic lessons getting repatterned because you have gone as far as necessary in a certain direction to accomplish or learn your larger lessons.


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