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Full Moon in Cancer Compounded by Grand Cross Jan 12

The first full moon of this new year will be one of the most powerful we've encountered recently. Forget all the usual lunacy about enhancing heart-centeredness, and loving intentions. This moon will be bringing out the dark side of the Crab with an intensity that we don't usually expect from nurturing Cancerian energy. This Cancer Full Moon is likely to activate negativity, moodiness, self-centeredness, over-reactivity, and even the slice and dice hyper-judgmentalism that the Crab personality is known for when crossed. And crossed this Sun/Moon opposition will be -- by the opposition of Uranus and Jupiter, with Pluto tagging alongside the Sun just to make sure no one misses the intense point. This intense Grand Cross energy has been building for a while as part of a larger revolutionary cycle. And it will be lasting for a couple years before the cycle is complete. All this astrological tension is helping suppressed truths to be revealed and eventually healed. But before the healing can occur, the Shadow must be exposed and dealt with honestly at all levels, personal, political, social, relational, financial, professional. It is this exposure and dealing that allows us to lay the needed foundation for the revolutions in personal and societal growth to come. For now and perhaps long into this year, some of us will be feeling an extremely strong push to lash out, say what we've been holding back, and let the chips fall where they may. Others will feel forced into making previously avoided decisions or taking drastic action.

Either way, most of us are likely to feel an enormous pressure that has to be vented and may explode. Warnings to family, partners, and coworkers if you start feeling a build up could save your relationship because the emotional blow out could be quite out of character. Oh, and by the way, the Full Moon occurs at 3:33 am pacific time Thursday. The number 333 is considered quite significant, as a sign to take action on whatever it is you have been delaying because the spirit world has your back.

Be clear about what you want to manifest. Focus not just on the highest good, but on a specific, detailed vision of what you want, and how you want it to feel to you, and exactly what you want it to do for you. Then expect to do your part in clearing the sludge and preparing the void for your request to be fulfilled.

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