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Astrology and Magickal Significance of the Dark of the Moon

Each lunar cycle has a period of the dark moon. It is the time just prior to and sometimes a bit after the astrological conjunction of the Sun and Moon when no moonlight is visible in the sky. This can last up to 3 moonless nights as the lunar phase shifts from waning to waxing. This is not an eclipse, but a normal monthly occurrence that accompanies the New Moon.

The New Moon is when the Moon reaches the same sign and degree occupied by the Sun, astrologically speaking. As I write this, the New Moon in Sagittarius for 2016 is set to occur on Tuesday, Nov 29 at 4:18 am Pacific time. So today, Monday Nov 28 we are in a dark moon phase.

The Dark of the Moon is said to be the most powerful time for psychic reception and dream work. If you are especially sensitive to lunar energies, you might find yourself being more inwardly directed during th