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Sun in Sagittarius Enlightens Us in Various Ways

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With the Sun in Sagittarius, we are brought into the last Fire month for the year, simultaneously promoting a restless urge to be in motion, if not actually traveling, and a desire for acquiring new knowledge and revealing truths.

Sagittarian energy generally supports an enthusiastic optimism, accompanied by a taking of pleasure in random acts of generosity. Of course, not everyone will be fully impacted by these good-natured traits of Sag energy, as how strongly it affects you depends on where Sag falls in your personal chart and what it activates.

Accompanying this 2017 Sag Sun are a nice pairing of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius to start the month, which loosens up some lines of communication in beneficial ways, and may even help introverts have an easier time with small talk over turkey dinners and holiday parties.

Neptune is paired with the South Node of the Moon, giving the potential for psychic insights into past lives and karmic themes that your soul has been working on for several lifetimes. (If you haven't had one of my past life readings, now could be the right time to get one. Choose from the Past Lives Karmic Lessons reading that uses your astrological chart, or the new Past Native Lives Journey.)

Neptune also is shifting out of its retrograde mode, and shares its potential for being to see more clearly the illusions that we have taken for truth, and the ways they have shaped our understandings, perceptions, and resulting choices. Some of us will experience new awakenings, and for a time feel an embarrassment for having been foolish. But shame doesn't serve much of a motivating purpose, except perhaps to question more often and look at ourselves and our beliefs more deeply from now on -- both of which will help sustain the new awakenings.

Venus is working with Pluto right now to take some serious and careful approaches to shared monies, eliminating frivolous attachments and investing in high quality and /or deep meaning. It's a good time for partnering up with a trustworthy professional to further financial security. And some of us who aren't so involved with the monetary world may be irresistibly attracted to metaphysical mysteries. You could encounter women from your past lives who will serve as a healer or teacher for you, temporarily.

Uranus continues to be paired with Eris in Aries, with Ceres between them to moderate their impulsive, unpredictable tendency for destruction, discord and chaos that sets the stage for revolution. How these strong energies play out this month could be a surprise to everyone, but given that they are retrograde, I'd expect them to be turning upside down some of the strategies and visions we've individually and even privately held to that impetus is released for necessary outer changes in future months.


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