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Newest Past Life Reading: a Shamanic Journey to an Indigenous Lifetime

For the last several years I have offered a unique kind of shamanic journey in which I can travel in search of past lives on behalf of clients. I've seen many nuns, priests, nobles and doctors from Renaissance Europe, pioneers and sailors on adventures, immigrant orphans and greenwitches making their way in unfriendly communities, and more. I have rarely known in advance where Spirit will take me, or to what time period I'll go.

Now, a new twist has opened up for me with this gift -- being able to request a visit to a specifically tribal lifetime in one of the world's ancient indigenous cultures that may or may not still exist. It might be Native American such as Cherokee, Lakota, Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Navajo, Ojibwe, Haida, among many others. But it could also be Maori, Yupik, Mayan, Pict, Inca, one of the Australian aboriginal peoples, Tibetan, Ainu, or something else. Maybe for you it could be the Saami, also known as Laplanders -- depicted in the photo above.

How a Past Life Journey Works

A shamanic journey is a type of directed trace state in which a shamanic practitioner goes in search of something -- often the answer to a question, a healing insight, a lost soul part, or some kind of knowledge to be used in the waking world. Journeying is similar to hypnotherapy or guided visualization, except that no second party is suggesting the imagery or anything about the experience. Shamanic practitioners know how to get themselves into trance and out of trouble on their own.

Some years ago, I discovered I had the ability in a journeying process to combine a technique called automatic writing. That is, I'm able to record what I'm shown and what I hear while I'm experiencing or witnessing it. Thanks have to go to those typing lessons in 8th grade that I can type almost error free while semi-conscious and with my eyes closed.

During these past life journeys, I rarely see an entire lifetime, but am given significant events and enough detail to vivify the lifetime for requesting clients. Sometimes I see or feel how death occurred. Fortunately my consciousness can recognize a wide variety of historical periods and places in order to provide a written interpretation of the journey.

For the end of year period until December 22, I'm offering this new Past Native Life SpiritWrites Journey at a discount. To get on my "travel schedule" request yours now.


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