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Jupiter Enters Libra for a Year of Big Global and Personal Shifts

This morning the big fire planet Jupiter left its year long occupation of intense Scorpio to spend the next year+ in relationship focused Libra. As much as Jupiter is astrologically considered a positive energy of enthusiastic good fortune, it must always be remembered that Jupiter expands, even exaggerates, whatever it touches -- including the bad stuff. So when this planet is playing in the universe of relationships, we can expect the good ones to get better, but also for the bad ones to get worse.

Jupiter's tendency is to highlight extreme positions and conditions in its search for knowledge, truth and wisdom. But Libra's goal is to seek balance between extremes, to cooperate, negotiate and compromise in order to achieve peace and harmony. You can expect some tension between these two agendas that are essentially at odds.

Personal Opportunities

On the personal level, Jupiter in Libra is likely to bring great relationship and business opportunities. New partners we find compatibility with will be more aligned with our own level of spiritual consciousness. Old partners who aren't on our same wavelength will most likely walk away from us, or we from them -- and that's probably a good thing in the long run as both parties will be doing what their souls direct for important karmic growth.

Endings of friendships, marriages, and social alliances are always distressing, but with Jupiter in Libra there is great potential for such endings to be beneficial as well. Take it as a cosmic sign that you have learned or gain what you needed from such relationships, and now the Universe is nudging you forward in your growth so you don't get stuck in major co-dependence.

Jupiter in Libra can be a bit of an introvert's nightmare if we try to resist the tirelessly positive push to open up, engage, get involved in groupie activities. But the other side of this potential is the chance to relax some of our walls, extend ourselves a bit more, and experience ourselves anew in a more social life.

Libra will also be working on us to improve our own inner equalibrium and equanimity. This may be experienced for many in an urge to walk a middle path between extremes, to hold positions that see both sides of issues, and to develop more control over our emotionally reactivity. Good natured receptivity to new ideas and solutions will be Jupiter's contribution to this process.

Business Relationships

Now Libra is also one of the business signs -- a deal maker, and an energy that is great for networking, public relations and marketing. If you are a solopreneur with a strategic business plan, this could be a very good year for you.

And Jupiter helps out by bringing good luck to all endeavors where your intentions are to sell or give your market niche what is is that they are looking for. Just be sure to not promise more than you can deliver -- a potential that can easily occur with over-enthusiastic Jupiter involved in business!

Global Shifts

On the world stage we can see that one of the early ramifications of Jupiter in Libra will be the US election. It doesn't take an astrologer to say that the electoral choices are between extreme ego versus relational diplomacy.

While most of us would prefer that Jupiter work to expose facts and actual truth, there is as much potential for Jupiter to indulge in explosions of exaggerated lies. Our two candidates, and how they are managing their campaign are perfect examples of how Jupiter triggers these polar opposites.

Jupiter in Libra is, of course, not the only astro-energy going on right now. But it will be impacting a couple other major forces involved in world affairs. Freedom-seeking Uranus is paired with strife-producing Eris in war-loving Aries, and we certainly see plenty of conflict whether it's in the Middle East, or in the civil rights battles, racial discord, and environmental fights in many sectors of the US.

This Uranus/Eris in Aries energy has been stirring up trouble for a long time, as they are both very slow moving planets. And they continue to push their revolution-by-any-means agenda throughout the upcoming presidency. The next president will be embattled on many foreign and domestic fronts, all requiring a cool headed intellectual approach to ensure planetary survival.

Compounding that is the change or die demands of Pluto in authority structured Capricorn. This astro-energy works on transforming the establishment from the inside. It dismantles governments and other system traditions to leave a power vacuum into which new consciousness can be birthed.

But we all know that any birth process is messy and painful, and with Jupiter stepping into the mix, we are likely to see more of what looks like chaos before that which looks like order.

However, as much as there is strong potential for massive change in the next 12 months personally and the next presidential cycle globally, we must keep our eyes on farther horizon of the spiritual consciousness promoting peace and harmony that is waiting to come into being on a more global scale.

The Message

Astrologically, it can be said that the stars are lining up to give us hints of the potentials we can harness for personal /professional and planetary enlightened gain. We are in a time when more and more factors are combining to open our eyes to universal truths and the greater good.

We are being asked to stop self-destructive ways, to end self-righteous mindsets, and to let go of our self-centered attachments to the material world of superficial gain and glamour. We are being asked to embrace our fear and pain for the sake of connecting with the heartmind of lovingkindness. We are being given the opportunities -- that in the moment with old consciousness seem like breakdowns and problems -- to see through the illusions that keep us from transformative actualization.

What you make of your opportunities, how you let go of the old and embrace the new, will be determined by your readiness and willingness to grow in your soul's purpose being.

I find that exciting, don't you?


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