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Protecting Yourself from Charlatans & Naïve Readers without Boundaries

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If you hang out online much and are spiritually curious, sooner or later you are bound to come across "psychics", "healers", and others who mean well but lack the training or the experience -- or the integrity -- to use good professional boundaries. They might indeed have some psychic gifts, or a budding track record of accuracy, and an over-eager enthusiasm for sharing it with everyone they come across.

Such actions, though, violate both professional ethics and personal boundaries when the amateur imposes their "insights" unsolicited, typically in the name of "sharing" or "feeling directed by Spirit or their guides" to warn you about something.

Others, of course, are just outright scammers, with minimal if any training, no supervision, and an ego the size of Texas. In both cases, these boundaryless, unethical persons put their friends, family, acquaintances, and clients who may be vulnerable, trusting, and not knowing any better, at considerable risk.

The Danger of Unsolicited Insights and Warnings

Naive and amateur readers without boundaries are seldom meaning to do harm. But offering unsolicited insights, messages from the spirit world, warnings, or advice that is purportedly from your guides who are speaking to them rather than to you, can indeed do some harm.

Getting unsolicited advice this way interferes with your own spiritual growth. Waking into consciousness cannot be handed to us. We have to do the work to wrestle with shedding fears, angers, doubts, insecurities, negativities, outworn beliefs and other thoughts and feelings on our own. We have to develop our own relationship with the spirit world -- call our guides to us, see the deeper details of own past lives, piece together the life themes and soul plan purpose we are meant to serve through our own questions and discernment.

It's one thing engage a psychic, healer, spiritual coach, or intuitive reader to help you sort through things when you are ready to do so. It's an entirely different thing for someone to drop a load of enlightenment on your head when you aren't prepared for it.

Additionally, professionals know that it is always bad manners if not psychic malpractice to attempt to save someone from their karmic lessons. People are meant to go through difficulties. It's how we learn. It's what prompts us to start asking questions, to open our eyes, to change our attitudes and behaviors. If we are rescued from experiencing those prompts, we will keep repeating dysfunctional cycles and never learn the lessons we are embodied in EarthSchool to learn.

Here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

The most authentic and truthful psychics NEVER pursue anyone to volunteer a reading or even a bit of info. A real professional psychic waits to be asked for information because they have good ethics and boundaries.

Likewise, credible psychics aren't offended if you challenge them politely to explain how they know what they tell you. And they aren't invested in whether you believe them. They aren't coming at you from ego, fear-mongering, or power-tripping.

And they would never ask you to pay for their prayers or ugga-bugga rituals to remove a curse.

Most of us have internal geiger-counters that go off when we are subjected to the BS of television commercials, politicians, and tele-marketers. Sadly, when seeking spiritual advice, and even when just innocently wandering through gatherings of so-called lightworkers and shamanic practitioners, we sometimes disconnect or ignore the vary internal mechanisms that warn us to disregard what we hear.

So here's my list of warning bells to listen to:

  • how insistent and invested are they that they are right?

  • how hard are they trying to sell me on their interpretation?

  • how offended do they get if I challenge their answers?

  • how many disembodied "spirits" do they claim to work with?

  • how much do they rely on "status" spirits with famous names?

  • how much fear are they trying to instill in me?

  • are they ethical and good with boundaries?

  • do I get any icky feeling around or from them?

  • are alarm bells going off in my stomach, throat or head?

  • have I had any minor accidents on the way to their reading?

  • does their energy feel clean and light, or sticky and dark?

  • can they offer several plausible explanations for their interpretations?

You can learn to pay attention to your internal responses, and not be fooled by a faker's outwardly cheerful or empathetic manner. You can resist the underlying fear that you might miss something important or be in danger if you don't believe what they tell you. You already have the common sense self-protection mechanisms within you to detect when something feels "off" or unethical.

If you'd like some recommendations to authentic, ethical spiritual professionals who offer services that I don't provide, please ask. I know a bunch of folks whose services I have used, and I can vouch for their solid ethics.

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