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2016 Summer Eclipses in Aquarius and Virgo Promote Unsettled Energy

Astrologers vary in opinion about how long the influence of eclipses can be noted. Most agree that the events that occur a week or so before and after either a solar or lunar eclipse are likely to be quite significant. They could be life path choice points, karmic lessons, or have something to do with your soul's destiny.

The period of changes, disruption, openings, and so on associated with eclipses can start 3-6 months prior to the actual solar eclipse and about 6 weeks prior to a lunar eclipse, making them difficult to connect to the event of the eclipse itself. The key is to know where that sun or moon are in your personal chart at the time that they happen so that you can narrow down which life area (house) and potentials (signs and elements) the eclipse will be most affecting.

Opportunities and path diversions can occur for as long as a year after a solar eclipse, and some say for as long as 1.5 years after a lunar eclipse. But again, whether you personally will feel or be impacted significantly for that long depends on where the eclipse falls in your own chart.

Eclipses are said to add manifesting potential to any astrological factors occurring near them. Near Jupiter conjunct Mercury in your personal chart for example could heighten the chances that your book will get published. The closer an eclipse will be to your personal Sun, the more power and vitality or creativity you will likely experience.

August 18 Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

The lunar eclipse a couple days ago was in Aquarius, a sign ruled by Uranus, which together tend to create breakdowns for the purpose of breakthroughs. It is an innovative, even revolutionary energy that is focused on bringing wide scale humanitarian changes into being.

Aquarius /Uranus energy is unpredictable, emotionally detached, can be devoted to truth and justice, usually quite frank (unsugar-coating) in communication, and imaginative in seeing how the future could be.

Sept 1 Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Compounded by Mercury Retrograde

And oh yes, the end of August / beginning of September deals us a big whammy. Mercury goes retrograde (Rx) at 29 degrees of Virgo on August 30, followed closely by the solar eclipse Sept 1, also in Virgo, at 9 degrees. If you happen to have major planets in Virgo, September could be a challenging month for you.

And depending on where Virgo is in your birth chart, even if the Virgo house is empty, the Mercury Rx and solar eclipse promise to make things, uh, interesting when it comes to communication, insecurity, anger, anxiety and stress. If you are prone to over-thinking, this will be a great month to work on going more with the flow and not obsessing about minor details.

The ramped up potential for greater stress can be used in a positive way. Pay attention to your stress level and give yourself more breaks than usual. I mean that in the physical / work sense, as well as in the not "expecting self-perfection" sense.

Virgo can be a perfectionistic task master, and the cosmic energies are now literally lining up to tell you that you can make yourself sick if you don't learn how to ease up on yourself, don't sweat the small stuff, and don't make disagreements, disappointments, and detours personal.

In short, astrologically speaking, both the solar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo are giving many of us the much needed message that a lot of our stress can be eliminated by how we choose to respond to it. Those who don't take that message to heart will find September a hard month. But those who accept reality for what it is and stop fighting it, will sail through the rough waters in a much easier way.

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