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How RedHawk Became a Spirit Guide for a Group of Folks on Facebook

RedHawk is a what I describe as a shamanic spirit guide. What that means is that he is a creature with the ability to connect with humans and give them answers, nudges, and guidance when called on. A shamanic spirit guide is not an individual animal was once lived in the world and is now deceased. It is, rather, the spiritual and physical archetype for all those living creatures, embodying both the behavioral and metaphysical traits of the species.

In shamanic spirituality, all sentient beings of the natural world have medicine. This includes plants, rocks, mountains, waters, and especially what we call the Winged Ones, the Four-Footeds, the Finned Ones, and the even the Creepy-Crawlies. Medicine is not always about curing, but is always about some kind of power to effect a beneficial change.

As an shamanic and metaphysical archetype, the Hawk's medicine relates to seeing the perspective of the highest good, bringing a focused message, seeing the hidden paths and opportunities, connecting with the spiritual realms, and the life of the soul after death. A perfect guide for a clairvoyant like me.

But I already had a full compliment of spirit guides, so I was surprised when RedHawk appeared with some very specific instructions. Here's how that happened.

RedHawk Reaches Out on Social Media

Late one night as I was meditating on some difficulties being expressed in a private Facebook group, and wonder how I could help, I began to spontaneously receive input from the spirit world. At first I thought it was just my own opinions because usually spiritual info doesn't come to me until I specifically open that door in my consciousness.

You know, it is perhaps a little odd to be a clairvoyant and mental intuitive and a skeptic at the same time, but it gives me the gifts of believing and questioning as a way to arrive at truth I can trust. I recommend that dual process for those who are developing their own skills.

Anyway, as I was getting this info that had the insistent, flowing-energy quality of spiritual medicine -- which for me physically feels like a vibrational pulsing like water going through a garden hose, while my physical edges have also expanded -- I casually said, almost as a joke and not really meaning to request an answer, where is this coming from?

But I did get an answer, and in a swift and direct way.

The answer started when I felt the wings of a large-ish bird behind my right side as if preparing to land on my shoulder. And then I heard a male voice that said, It comes from me. I am RedHawk. You asked how to help, and I have a message for you and for them. He was referring to the person in the Facebook group who had posted about some worry or sorrow or dilemma they were experiencing. And the guidance he gave was as practical as it was profound.

After that, RedHawk showed up whenever I was reading through posts of a similar type in that group, always giving me helpful, grounded, clear advice to relay. I began to enjoy his visits, and he seemed to enjoy being a messenger guide. He especially enjoyed providing business advice to those who wanted some kind of spiritually-oriented work.

Channeling RedHawk

Before long, RedHawk was urging me to bring clients to him. He wanted a larger role as a helper. But this turned the tables a bit on how I was accustomed to working. Normally, I offered specific readings using particular tools such as astrology or cards or the pendulum, but I didn't think of myself as a channel. RedHawk urged me. You can do this. It's time to Trust, he told me.

I was apprehensive. I felt a little scared without the security of my tools. So he compromised. He devised the approach of combining a message from him with him selecting for me a tool to use, depending on the client's question. He and I together then interpret what the tool reveals to complete the reading.

As a result, the readings with RedHawk have become one of the most popular offerings I have. Get yours here.

Isn't it amazing what can open up when we listen and trust our spirit guides?


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