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Summer Solstice Yod & Grand Cross Brings Challenging Change

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Despite many people calling next week's Solstice, the start of summer, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on Monday, June 20, 2016, those of us who follow the natural calendar will be celebrating Midsummer. But perhaps two other astrological factors will be more important -- the aspect patterns of the Grand Cross and especially the Yod.

The Grand Cross

You can easily see the Grand Cross, or big square, in the middle of the chart above. A Grand Cross is formed when four entities are all sitting at about 90 degrees, or square, to each other. This one unites Saturn at 11 degrees Sagittarius square to Jupiter at 15 degrees Virgo, which is square to Mercury at 12 degrees Gemini, and Neptune which is at 12 degrees Pisces.

Rule keeper Saturn, spiritual servant Jupiter, curious witty Mercury, and inspirational Neptune in a Grand Cross could stir up either excellent energies for project cooperation, or some irritations when diverse purposes and personalities are involved. And with the nodes of the Moon quite nearby at 16 degrees of Virgo and Pisces, the Grand Cross is likely to be teaching us some new soul lessons, as well as raising some past life karma to deal with.

Those who are extra sensitive to the tension-oriented astrological patterns such as the Grand Cross are likely to feel somewhat pressured by having to deal with issues related to boundaries and authority (Saturn), foreign or deep knowledge (Jupiter), or communication in flux (Mercury), especially if there is a strong urge to escape feeling pinned down or forced to face hard edged realities (Neptune).

The bright Sun of Summer Solstice may literally shed good light on what you are feeling and needing. But as always with Cancer energies, the Solstice has the potential to stimulate both a kind of possessiveness in the guise of nurturing, or a cranky withdrawal from being over-committed so that you can recharge and regroup with a sunnier attitude.

The Mars Sextile Hygeia Yod to Uranus/Eris/Ceres

Of more interest is the Yod that is sharply focused on the 23 degree conjunction in Aries of Uranus, Eris and Ceres.

First, I'll point out the elemental involvement for this Yod. The sextile combines strategic warrior Mars in intense water sign Scorpio with health conscious Hygeia in nervous Virgo. This pairing can stimulate a strong urging to take some action in order to relieve an internal and even subconscious anxiety.

The action that the Yod is pointing to is one of major change, with Uranus, Eris and Ceres in forceful, risk-taker Aries.

Uranus Says: Join the Revolution

Uranus is often noted as the energy of revolution and sudden explosive change. This planet is noted as playing a prominent role in major political shifts and the formation of new societies.

On the personal level, the Uranian influence can feel just as transformative. If Uranus is involved, it's likely life as we knew it will never be quite the same. The changes you experience could feel like some part of your life is breaking down, but it's important to hold on to the understanding that what is really happening is that a new part of your life is breaking through.

The disruptions you may go through are because room must be made to accommodate the change, if you haven't already started an intentional process to revolutionize what you know must be done differently. (And what exactly needs to change will be indicated by where the Uranus / Eris / Ceres conjunction is located in your personal chart.)

Eris says: Do it Now, If You Know What's Good for You

Discovered only in 2005, the significance of minor planet Eris is still being developed. If you are familiar with Greek myth, you'll know that where Eris treads, harsh poetic justice, often resembling lawlessness, sorrow, strife and discord tend to follow.

When traveling with Uranus, this pretty much guarantees some difficult times IF -- and I emphasize, IF -- we fail to look at and take care of what has been begging to be put to an end. We do have a choice to let these insistent energies help us transform ourselves and our lives, or to accept and pay the consequences.

Eris can make it hard on us when we are trying to sweep the need for change under the rug and not deal with it directly. We may feel blocked from moving forward (because the path we think we want is wrong for us). We may find the status quo dissipating or opportunities slipping through our fingers. These are all manifestations that we are being requested, even required, to transform how we think and what we do.

So to lessen the Eris-prompted strife, we can face the demands for change, do something about them, and gain the rewards of being made stronger by the challenge. More than anything, when Eris is involved, it's a major cosmic dictate to objectively assess what isn't working, and immediately initiate a new action plan.

Ceres says: You Can Do It, Go on Sweetie, Don't Be Afraid

Thank goodness dwarf planet (some say asteroid) Ceres -- the Great Mother -- is involved here, lending her nurturing influence to this mix.

But Ceres in Aries is the kind of mother who pushes a child to be self-sufficient and independent, rather than one who cuddles and over-protects. This mother encourages assertive self-expression, and taking action rather than waiting for situations to calm down on their own.

In other words, there is no playing Mom and against Dad, here. Ceres is as intent as Uranus and Eris for us to stand up, speak out, and take initiative and responsibility for making our lives as wise, productive, and blessed as we'd like them to be.

The Message of the Yod

So, in short, this Yod is showing us that the Martian irritability, frustration, or anger that is simmering inside, paired with the Hygeian anxiety about the imperfect status quo are combining to trigger a massive, perhaps revolutionary, change in how we live. The current political season is mirroring this astrological pattern on the large scale. But meaningful and irresistible changes are also presenting themselves to us on the personal level.

The message is -- take a chance, take a step into the unknown, feel the fear and do it anyway because in the long run, it will be one the best things you've ever done.

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