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Is There a Spiritual Response to FEAR and Political Oppression?

A high tide of fear mongering and stupidity is sweeping across the US lately, fueled by legislators intent on exhibiting their mean-spirited ignorance in attempts to gain power at the expense of a marginalized minority -- transgender individuals.

It's perfect timing. To get swept up in this tide requires:

  • anxiety about personal safety in a globally dangerous world

  • a sense of powerlessness combined with defensiveness

  • an erosion of critical thinking and disregard for facts

  • susceptibility to the brainwashing of political lies

  • a festering anger over not getting your way about something

  • a sense of straight, white, cisgendered privileges fading away

  • a prurient interest in others' genitals and sex lives

To some politicians and religious leaders, the combination of those 7 conditions is gold, because it makes usually kind people highly vulnerable to being fooled and manipulated. When people feel scared, they are much more willing to vote for someone whose bluster sounds super strong, and to donate more money they can't afford to clergy living high off the hog.

Any mentally balanced person can easily see that this rash of bathroom bills in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Dakota -- some of which have passed, and others that are still pending -- are a particularly nasty attempt to create fear. Some of these bills have been in a wider context of discrimination against the LGBT community, served up on the pretext of "religious freedom", and the stinky cloak of bigoted intolerance.

There is nothing religious about this. There is no moral good to be had in denying people equal rights, let alone access to a bathroom. There is no threat to anyone's religious beliefs or practices when everyone is allowed common human decency and equal treatment. No freedoms are being taken from you when a transman needs to pee or when a lesbian couple applies for a marriage license.

Fear is a powerful weapon

Perhaps this is a good opportunity for some spiritual growth in the face of fear and fear-mongering. It's easy to say just stand in love instead of hate, but that doesn't really erase the worries that are implanted by those who use fear to manipulate and oppress.

You see, it doesn't take much for these kinds of laws to become a license to act out on a pretense of self protection that results in a transperson, gay or lesbian being literally beat up, stabbed, shot, or killed. This happens all the time. For nothing more than using a bathroom, or breathing while gay.

Let's be real -- In the current climate, in this high tide of those 7 conditions, LGBT folks have everything fear from you. You have nothing to fear from them.

Fear is also a strong spirit guide signal

Fear -- an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real -- can be a useful signal that more information is needed. It can be a spirit guide nudge to check the facts and investigate the source delivering the fear-filled message, and to uncover the agenda that source is trying to achieve.

Usually that agenda will be the attempt to increase power over others by oppressing and marginalizing them and getting the unthinking to go along.

These sources count on people not using logic and not thinking for themselves, not looking beyond the surface and not questioning what they hear.

So the first spiritual response is to ask questions in order to learn to distinguish truth from manipulation. Check the facts with reliable, unbiased, credible knowledge bases. Don't let yourself be tricked into believing lies.

And the second spiritual response is to stand up and speak out for what you know is right. This is the path of the spiritual warrior. Correct falsehoods when you find them. Educate gently but persistently.

Whenever an already marginalized group of people are being targeted by power structures such as state governments, the spiritual / moral response is to ask why, and who will be next.

You already know it is the same fear mongers who are coming for your peace-loving Muslim neighbors, and the children of Mexican immigrants. It could easily be the Scientologists and the scientists next. There will always be a "next" if good people don't stop these waves of ignorance and discrimination.


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