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A Rant on Being Scammed and a Thought on Protecting Yourself

For the umpteenth time the media has picked up on a story about a scam-artist psychic who has bilked clients out of thousands of dollars by telling them they had a curse on them, and their dog, that only she could remove – for a hefty price.

I can’t begin to tell you how crazy that makes me.

There will always be scammers, fakers, cons, and crooks in the helping professions. They give the rest of us a bad name. But I’m really more upset with the gullible clients who buy into this stuff more than once or twice.

Hey, I have been a slow learner sometimes when it comes to buying something on impulse, or out of fear, without doing my due diligence in thinking it through and researching claims of effectiveness, and all that. I’m no different from anyone else who gets taken. Except maybe my spending limit for junk is a lot lower.

So don’t get me wrong. I’m not coming down on desperate, despairing clients.

What I am upset with is a poorly educated society that doesn’t teach critical thinking at all levels of schooling.

And doesn’t require the use of self-sufficient common sense in people over the age of 10.

As a result we have a culture of folks who are more than reasonably vulnerable to the anxious expectation of getting cheated, while not knowing how to evaluate promises, and how to trust or not trust unvetted promisers.

But there is another issue.

And that’s that too many people want someone else to do the work for them – whether that’s the work of auto mechanics, tax return preparation, or accessing intuition and connecting with the spirit world.

Now those first two types of work I am more than happy to not learn to do for myself, thank you very much. But in my very biased opinion, I think everyone is capable of developing innate intuition, and developing at least some level of relationship with their own spirit guides.

You don’t need a parade of psychics to talk to your own spirit guides for you – even though a lot of credible readers are offering to do just that these days.

And that’s fine on occasion. Even though I have 7-10 spirit guides I routinely connect with, there are times when I feel blocked, or want to get a different perspective. A reading now and then with a trusted colleague can lend me a new way to think and understand what my guides have been trying to communicate.

I recommend learning how to call your own spirit guides then developing a close relationship with several of them. Continue to get external validation for what they tell you – by way of tarot or pendulum, or professional reading, or some other means – while you are growing in confidence with hearing your guides.

If you do this, you’ll have an internal safety net to prevent you from getting scammed.


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