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2015 Neptunian-Piscean Lessons and Experiences in Disillusionment

First thoughts of Neptune and its astrological partner Pisces tend to be about their provision of inspirational dreams, empathic sensitivity, and mystic oneness with the Sacred. Indeed, these flow-state traits are treasured dynamics of the Neptunian enlightenment and urge to merge with the sacred unitive consciousness of Pisces.

But Neptune also has a deep dark side and is the indicator for confusing things like:

  • Addiction

  • Martyrdom

  • Deception

  • Guilt

  • Sacrifice

  • Delusion

  • Illusion

How can such seemingly diametrically opposed features sit comfortably within the same astro-energy?

My solution to this dilemma is to reconcile the confusion as the necessary precursors and outcomes of striving to remember the spiritual while living the human experience.

Neptune Sneaks Up for That WTF Moment

Neptune entered its sign of Pisces in February 2012 and will be in Pisces until January 2026. Its slow-motion action can be nearly imperceptible – until it smacks you on the butt.

At some point during these 14 years, Neptune will trigger the good and bad potentials of its own and other energies in everyone’s soul plan (aka, astrology chart).

My advice? Hold on tight.

When Neptune was transiting Aquarius in 2007 and conjunct my Venus, as well as opposing my Pluto, I literally went through hell with my most significant relationship. The bodily felt emotional sensation was like getting gut-punched, or pushed of a cliff. By the time Neptune was done with me, my world – or my illusion of what that was -- had fallen apart.

While those were dramatically traumatic times, Neptune also has a reputation for promoting subtlety in its disintegrating and dissolving action. This is more how I’ve personally experienced Neptune during 2015. Maybe that’s true for you as well.

Cosmic Water Torture

For example, in this past year I have not been alone is having some key illusions shattered about family members and friends who proved their integrity, ethics, reliability, and trustworthiness were not what their façades projected.

Well, shattered is maybe more a Uranian word … something suddenly broken. Neptune work more like the drip drip drip of a Chinese water torture, one little incongruence at a time that weakens your sense of trust and belief in what you think is real.

Sounds like it should be gentle, doesn’t it? And sometimes it might be just a simple, temporary cognitive dissonance that opens a new perception your mental / emotional synapses.

But make no mistake here – at other times Neptune’s dis-illusionment is about having the masks of untruth ripped off so that reality can be seen. This is especially possible if Uranus, Pluto, or Mars are involved with a stressful angle. It’s then that, like the band-aid that is torn off with skin still attached, such a corrective can produce a lot of psychic pain even when meant for healing.

Disillusionment as Wake Up Call

It’s not always other people who disrupt our illusions, however. Sometimes it’s as though we simply wake up. The light dawns. Like a pre-1940s classic black and white movie we remember fondly from childhood that’s been colorized, we see depths and details that went unnoticed before – and feel a bit disoriented.

Perhaps a good illustration of this disillusionment potential of Neptune is to refer to the realization referenced in 1st Corinthians 13:11 (look it up). Neptune serves us by ensuring that we enjoy our escapist and pre-responsibility fantasies. But it also demands that we determine when to grow up and accept the bigger truths.

Believing is Seeing

You might say that Neptune’s transcendent, transformative lesson is to believe there will come a silver lining after living through suffering.

After believing with as much sacred trust as you can muster, you then get to see the benefits, the new possibilities, the more brilliant colors of sacrificing the fantasy you once clung to in exchange for wisdom that acceptance of reality gives.

In the context of the pre-birth planning and karma, Neptune’s lessons of disillusionment – when successfully navigated – are confirmations of soul growth.

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