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How to Transform Holiday Sorrow and Self-Pity into SpiritPower

WiseWomanSeer holiday message

My shamanic spirit guide WildWolf has a message for those who are feeling a heavy despair in this blessed season of embracing the dark before the renewal of the light. WildWolf comes to me from the direction of the West, the direction of emotions and of endings. He is a teacher and pathfinder spirit who shares insights and advice from the spirit world.

WildWolf Says

Your feelings are powerful and important. They have the potential to heal your heart and release your fear and sorrow when they walk alongside your intellect’s need to find the spiritual lesson hidden within. On their own, your feelings may overwhelm with grief and a sense of powerlessness. You must not dwell there for long, lest it consume you.

Grief opens new depths of honoring all the blessings that have been put before you. It is a special poignant energy flowing through you, creating another chance to accept blessings with grace, and let them teach their lessons.

Approach your feelings with curiosity…. What are they meant to be teaching you?

It is often human nature to recognize the blessings in what you are given, but to miss the blessings in what is denied to you or taken from you. But these are all of the same lesson, and the lesson is to see more clearly who you truly are, at your very essence. Intense feelings that seem out of step with the tone of the season are your spirit’s calling for you to look at things differently.

If you are despairing of not having money to buy gifts, the lesson before you is to learn that you can give of yourself what is more treasured than things, for there is nothing more valuable that the time and interactions that build memories. It may be that you are being especially chosen to teach that particular lesson to others this year.

Will you accept the assignment?

There is a blessing too in being released from the unhealthy compulsion to show love through the mindless consumerism that is so toxic to the true gifts of the spirit.

Will you take this opportunity to release yourself from this addiction?

You are now being given an important moment of transformation in your soul’s growth. You have all that you need to take advantage of the chance – the intellectual curiosity to see what happens if you move beyond grief and disappointment, and the desire to release yourself from suffering.

You can walk the path to your own inner peace. Just allow yourself to do so, and you will begin to feel release from sorrow and the growth of spiritpower within you.


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