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September’s Lunar Eclipse – What It Means In General

Deah Curry, astrology, wisewomanseer

September's lunar eclipse will be most visible in areas located in the center of this chart, with decreasing visibility of the whole cycle in areas moving out from center.

Eclipses are powerful astrological events, and an astronomical phenomenon with much associated historical lore. It is their very nature to shake us up, or wake us up, to what must change, whether we are ready or not.

When an eclipse, solar or lunar, is in the same sign and at or near the same degree as a major planet or point in your own chart, you could feel its effects quite intensely. But when an eclipse is elsewhere in a chart, and not triggering anything too directly, it’s possible to not even notice one happening – astrologically speaking. This is especially the case if the eclipse is in an element that is different from your own Sun, Moon or Rising signs’ element.

That is, this eclipse is in Aries, a Fire sign. If your Moon or Rising sign are in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, you might feel this eclipse more strongly than if your Moon or Rising are in other signs.

Nonetheless, an eclipse is said to herald life changing events of the type that shift the trajectory of your soul’s plan. These are turning points in life that are meant to happen, regardless of how well you have already been doing on achieving your life purpose. In some cases, the turning point may not directly happen to you, but to a close friend or family member, causing some re-evaluation and course corrections for you as well.

Don’t be surprised to find something you’ve held dear coming to an end at this time, so that something else can begin. Eclipses often will burn bridges, or force you to take the leap you’ve been nervous about. In general, solar eclipses open up new doors, while the lunar phenomenon closes doors behind us so that we aren’t tempted to back out or quit while we’re ahead.

A full moon lunar eclipse like the one this weekend can bring on a flood of emotions, anger or high frustration, and regrets over the sentimental attachments that are definitely ending once and for all.

If eclipses have one good astro-keyword, it’s the word random. The events that occur seem to come out of the blue and feel out of control. And they might happen before or after the actual eclipse itself, but near enough in time – like a week or so prior up to several months after – that the manipulative hand of the eclipse can be recognized. Sometimes the event itself can be so seemingly insignificant as to not attract much overt attention until you notice later that your entire world has changed from this small random start to a chain of events.

Some people who are very sensitive to astro energies may perceive the acceleration of time during an eclipse period. This can be disconcerting and accompanied by a lot of anxiety, or irritability and impatience. The key is to not fight the changes that are happening. Go with the flow, adjust as best you can, and practice good self-care.

Eclipses can also put a spotlight on some aspect of your life or relationships that you have tried to ignore. If you have idolized a mate, you might now see through their façade to the uglier truths. If you have been efforting mightily to repair a situation, you might now realize that it’s time to cut your losses, forgive for yourself, and adjust your life to be without the person or circumstance that you now see clearly.

Essentially, an eclipse can serve as a major reality check and truth-revealer. Especially with a lunar eclipse, we might suddenly see the character of others in a way that was never before as certain. Even gossip or innuendo delivered now is likely to be accurate, and best believed.

While this can be startling and upsetting, it’s really a blessing in disguise, and a chance to get untangled from an untenable relationship. Let go and move on, because events triggered by an eclipse stand little chance of being repaired, resolved, reconciled, or renegotiated.

Although the energy of an eclipse will be impatiently pushing for forward progress, it is typically best not to make major decisions or start new projects right at the time of the eclipse itself. Or at least, make sure you have thoroughly thought through everything including long range consequences, if you must take action now.

In spite of all this astrological mumbo-jumbo, the main thing to know about this eclipse is that it can have a very good effect on your life – yes, even if it feels too fast and too scary at first. Take the leap. Leave all the BS behind.

BTW, I can’t emphasize enough just how much it benefits you to know what your Rising sign is, because when it comes to the eclipses, you want to read the Rising Sign as if it were a second Sun -- it’s of tremendous importance. So if you don’t know what it is, contact me for a copy of your chart and a brief inventory of which signs rules which houses in your soul’s astro-map.


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