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New Moon / Solar Eclipse / Personal New Moon

I didn't actually plan it this way, but it turns out I'll be embarking on a cross country trip on the day of the September New Moon in Virgo, which also happens to be a solar eclipse day, although not one visible in the US.

This lunar / solar activity will be moving through my 11th house of social interactions, and by gum, I'll be traveling with a companion. And this astro activity will be in conjunction with my own natal Saturn, suggesting that the trip may start with some low energy and possibly some worry about what was left undone -- although knowing this in advance means I can get more sleep this week and triple check my to do lists.

Moon conjunct Saturn can prompt the need to withdraw a bit, emotionally, or to take care not to infantalize others' feelings. Past guilts might get triggered, but while this is good to know, because the Moon moves quickly, I also know that these feelings will be quite fleeting, so I'm not worried.

Also, Pluto will be transiting conjunct my companion's Jupiter as well as my Sun, which could bring some important changes for us both, with far reaching effects. Now there are many ways to interpret that vague statement, but since this is happening in my 3rd house, I read it as having to do with how we communicate on issues of truth, spirituality, and life adventures.

I'll be visiting my elderly mother on this trip, and during those days, the Moon will be in intense Scorpio as it crosses the cusp into my 1st house of early childhood decisions, and on into Sagittarius and my 2nd house of self-worth. On the 3rd day of my visit there, the exaggerated lunar energies will be triggering my natal Chiron's old wounds. Seems I always visit mom when something rips open the scabs I thought were healed and pours in a cupful of salt. Really glad to I'll need to watch out on that day, and do what I can to avoid getting hooked into old arguments.

By the equinox, if all goes to driving plan, we'll be in one of my most favorite places on Earth -- Rocky Mountain National Park, where I want to hike around Bear Lake. Of most significance for me is that this will be the day of my personal new moon.

You might not have heard of this astrological concept before. A personal new moon occurs when the transiting Moon conjuncts the same degree and sign as your personal Sun. It's a time when mind, body and spirit are likely in great harmony -- and when occurring at the same time as an equinox, there is an extra sense of balance and well-being. There can be an extra burst of vitality as well.

My goodness, this trip will have the most perfect of timing. How cool is that?

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