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Will the Scheat Hit the Fan This Weekend, Astrologically Speaking?

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I don't do a lot of work with fixed stars, unless someone specially asks for a Celtic Lunar Astrology reading. And neither Pegasus nor Scheat are used in my resource book for that reading.

But this time this fixed star is just too powerful to ignore.

That's because the solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 falls astrologically on the 29th degree of Pisces where fixed star Scheat hangs in the sky, in the Pegasus constellation.

Whenever a solar eclipse occurs, it is astrologically powerful, usually leaving a impact for months to come. That this one also occurs on the Vernal Equinox -- the astrological new year -- is especially auspicious, setting an energetic tone for the entire year.

You might want to prepare for Scheat to hit the fan. This star conveys the potential for the dangerous mix of ambition with poor judgment, leading some who are strongly impacted at this time into risky ventures that could be financially or personally disasterous if better wisdom doesn't prevail.

Scheat at the least tends to activate worry, criticism, loss of friendship, mental vascillations and confusion. Friends and family -- and even you -- may be unreliable, or feel persecuted without cause. Those with porous psychic boundaries or facile psychic abilities may have a hard time separating themselves from this astro-energy, but you must try to because what you are feeling does not belong to you. You could be overwhelmed by a sense of impending disaster, but if you take smart precautions and avoid dangerous possibilities, the reality is that you will be just fine.

At the most association with this star can portend accidents, injuries, even unexpected death -- or at least some kind of suffering if we fail to apply common sense and methods of emotional balance in all situations.

This eclipse may well be a powerful opening for transformative awakenings and changes, and karmic lessons -- as well as the death of many old beliefs, ways of being, desires, and structures.

Some predict a lot of upheaval in coming months, and much unsettledness, but in my view this will only happen for those who refuse to let go of the old and embrace the new. If you feel tested by the Universe, this is the source of that feeling. The test is about acting from soul growth integrity instead of from fear.

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