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Solar Flares: How Four Things to Know Will Help You Cope Well

A lot of mental, emotional, and bodily-felt weirdness is blamed on solar flares, and yet there is very little science or astrological theory to support these views. Nonetheless, because it is a popular scapegoat for feelings we don't understand, it's a good blog topic.

What is a Solar Flare?

Astronomically speaking a solar flare is a burst of electromagnetic energy from the sun. They happen rather frequently and mostly go unnoticed. The Space Weather Prediction Center says that there are about 100 of these solar explosions in every 11 solar year cycle.

The super large eruptions can create spectacular aurora borealis lights and geomatic storms on earth, making the news for disrupting radio transmissions and other electronics, such as the internet, cell phone reception, and your GPS navigation. Usually the intermittant disruptions can last a day or two before electronic equipment returns to normal.

Presumably, the farther away you are from the North or South Pole when a strong solar flare occurs, the less you might notice any impact from it.

What is the Astrological Significance of Solar Flares?

Astrologer Michael Erlewine has made a study of solar flares and their impact on astrology. His contention is that because the Sun in astrology represents our true self, that the impact of solar flares may be a disruption in your sense of self -- a kind of ungrounding, or feeling of unsettleness. This aligns with what many highly sensitive people report.

Michael notes that solar flares amount to a sudden burst of astro-Sun related information which may have the following effects:

  • feeling emotionally and mentally overwhelmed

  • feeling unable to get your bearings

  • struggling for clarity, confidence and status quo

  • feeling in a mental fog, unable to focus, understand or decide

  • feeling disoriented, physically and/or emotionally

  • needing to regroup, reorient, re-form oneself

  • experiencing pounding headache

  • experiencing jangled nerves

  • restlessness, agitation, irritability, upset

  • may be unable to sleep

  • feeling on the edge of panic, or having panic attacks

  • falling apart into pieces

People who are very energetically sensitive and metaphysically attuned tend to describe these times as receiving a spiritual download of some kind. Others may find themselves more psychically open or intuitive, creative, productive, or experiencing more vivid dreams.

As with all astrological impacts, how you frame what you experience will determine the manner in which it helps or hinders you.

What Should You Do If Bothered by Solar Flares?

First, understand what they are and that what is happening is transitory -- you might be impacted for a few days, but it's not a permanent change. If you can think of it like getting caught out in a rain or wind storm. Remember that you can take shelter and that it will eventually end. Holding to this realization will help you retain a sense of control over how you experience the effect.

Second, remember that this is an energetic phenomenon happening far far far out in space, and that if you exercise normal caution and emotional management, there is nothing to be worried about.

Emotional management is basically the application of practical mindfulness, or what therapists might call cognitive behavioral or rational emotive therapy principles. This would include telling yourself that:

  • it is okay not to have answers right now

  • it's normal to feel like you do when electromagnetic forces are strong

  • there is no reason to be afraid

  • it will be over soon

  • feeling nervous or overwhelmed are familiar feelings

  • feeling disoriented or confused are just a signal to do something else

In other words, the more you can normalize your thoughts, the less reactive your emotions will be, and the more calm your body will feel. The mind is a very powerful instrument. It can be used to expand what we don't like into something fearful and disasterous, or it can be used to send calming and empowering messages that tame the nervous system.

Third, find a flower essence remedy that helps you apply the practical mindfulness noted above if mental messages aren't enough to get you through the effects of the solar flare.

Fourth, use the time as an opportunity to change your routine. If you can't work, take a nap -- we all need more sleep! If you can't sleep, go to a park and take in some natural beauty. If you can't get outdoors, zone out with music or TV reruns. Distraction therapy can be productive for getting you through the solar flare impacts with the least distress.


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