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Is a 29th Degree New Moon Really That Special? Maybe Not

New Moon Feb 2015

We have a rare event tomorrow (Wed., Feb 18 at 3:46 pm PST) when the Moon conjuncts the Sun to create what we call a New Moon phase. Well, no, that Moon /Sun conjunction happens every month -- that's not what is rare. What is unusual is that it will be doing so at the 29th degree and 56th minute of Aquarius, just a hair's breath before tripping into Pisces.

By hair's breath, I mean, 1 minute before the Moon enters Pisces, followed 2 minutes later by the Sun.

And then the same thing happens again in March -- on the 20th, at 2:36 pm to be precise -- when the New Moon occurs in Pisces just before the Equinox and their entry into Aries.

Some say this is an extra special occurrence, with magical meaning. The idea is that it signifies a turning point. If so, the turning point is likely related to the energies left behind and those just beginning.

So tomorrow we are leaving behind perhaps the need for innovative and often inidividualistic big picture idealism, and moving more into the urge to merge, the longing to be one with the Sacred on all levels. It is an excellent time in the coming 30 days to open to spirit guides and spiritual wisdom, as well as to plant new seeds for our lives that really will take us into the unknown future.

How will you make the most of this new turning point moon? Have you been waiting for a reason to make a significant change in your life? Now's the time.

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