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Feeling Pushed, On Edge? Pluto is Square Uranus

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Two major forces for change -- Pluto and Uranus -- are currently working at cross purposes to each other, creating strong impetus to rebel against convention and eliminate all that does not serve your soul’s life.

For some, this astrological square may be felt as change or die energy.

Without knowing what this astro-energy is all about, it can feel like a scary and overwhelming time.

But this can be a tremendous time of growth, creative risk-taking, and forward movement – IF you don’t resist the push to make necessary changes. Resistance is indeed futile, as change will happen, with or without your consent. The only choice is to voluntarily let go of what you have outgrown but might still have some sentimental attachment to.

What Does the Universe Want?

Uranus seeks radical improvement. The purpose is always the highest good, but the methods can be quite disruptive to the status quo, especially if we are stuck in our ways.

Pluto’s determination is for personal empowerment, and the removal of anything and everything that gets in the way of that. That includes eliminating relationships, beliefs, opportunities, and possessions when they are preventing you from accessing or appropriately using what my ancestors would call your medicine, your sacred spiritual power.

Now I hope you aren’t hearing this message as a forecast of disaster, or confirmation for feeling “out of whack”, hopeless, or super anxious. There is always a positive side to these seemingly negative astrological dynamics.

Aligning with Change

And the positive side of a Pluto square Uranus time period is that it provides the impetus that most of us need to do what we already know we should do -- let go of the past, and create a different, more liberating future for ourselves and others.

One way to understand astrological forces is that they are forever operating to motivate us to align our mundane ego personality and practical daily life with the sacred plan for our soul’s growth and healing. It is the ego that suffers the consequences of resistance to change and eliminating the old to make space for the new.

Change isn’t easy, especially when we think we aren’t ready for it. But it is exactly at those times of unreadiness that change can be transformative.

So it’s wise to welcome Pluto square Uranus, and take advantage of this cosmic push to align daily life with soul purposes. These are slow moving planets, and we will be lock into their change or die dance, with varying intensity, for a couple years or more.

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