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Relationship Balance Energy Promoted by Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipse astrology Oct 2014

The full moon lunar eclipse that we will experience this week – Wed., Oct. 8, 2014 – will be bringing the surface the needs we have for balance and authenticity in relationships. But more than how our significant other relationships might be affected, how we relate to everything has a chance to shift and open to new levels of awareness and opportunity for change.

While this is basically true of any full moon, when combined with a lunar eclipse, the changes may unfold over a longer stretch of time – up to as much as 3 to 6 months! This is because a lunar eclipse full moon is more potent.

Aries is the energy that is motivated to pursue independence. There is great support now for changes that require or will produce freedom, as well as taking risks and initiative. Aries can be inelegant in how it goes after what it wants – there can be assertiveness to the point of rudeness, or even anger.

When a full moon is in Aries, decisions tend to be emotionally motivated or carried out. This may be good if you are one to keep things bottled up inside you most of the time.

Issues of balance between getting personal needs met and contributing to your partner getting their needs met will likely be triggered. Your most authentic feelings will come out now and may lead to an opening of emotional truth over the next few months. If you need a cosmic push to take a step toward starting something new or doing what you have been hesitant to do – now is the perfect time to go for it.

Because this eclipse is aspecting Mars, Pluto, and Uranus, there is the possibility of long suppressed angers being brought to the surface. While it’s possible these feelings will be expressed in harsh ways at first, they need to be said and can be an impetus to getting hurt feelings out into the open so that compromise or balance can be found. There is great potential for new opportunities or big breakthroughs or releases, and the more you allow change to occur the easier it will be. Resistance will create high stress and chaos.

If you have been holding back, if there is something that needs to be done, even if you think it will be hurtful, now is the time to do it. Be truthful about how you feel without casting blame or trying to even the score. State your intentions and desires for collaborating for change, but also be clear about your next steps if balance or compromise aren’t an equal effort from others.

You have a relationship with yourself as well, and the next few months you will be supported in making the changes you have wanted to make to feel more free or empowered. At least be clear with yourself.

This may be the week to have a fierce conversation, but it may take 3-6 months before you make your next move. That’s the eclipse timeline. You may not want or need to announce your next step intentions if those mean cutting off relationships, withdrawing from friendships or business arrangements, etc., but know exactly where your own lines are that you will and won’t cross.

A relationship eclipse will occur again in April 2015 and once more in March 2016 for those who need more than one try to find the right emotional balance in the dynamic of relating to self and other. But there is no need to wait. The astrological energy is here now to be bold in expressing yourself and asking for what you need.

If you aren’t used to this, being authentic may feel awkward or even rude. It’s a learning curve. It it possible to be authentic about your own needs and wants in a graceful yet empowered way.

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