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Could the Loss of Flight MH17 Have Been Predicted?

Arabic parts astrology suggest fate of MH17 flight

Because I could pinpoint a take off time from Amsterdam and a shoot down time in Ukraine due to news reports, a fairly reliable chart could be constructed for this tragedy. Here's what I saw.

The dwarf planet Eris -- interpreted as discord and strife -- is in the house of communication ... was there heated disagreement about targeting that plane? Perhaps. There have been reports about heated accusations in the aftermath of the event.

Eris is in opposition with the aggressive energy of Mars which sits in the house of public reputation, so the potential for an event of war is strengthened.

The hypothesized planet called Transpluto, used by some astrologers since last century, and which indicates grief due to abduction might have a bearing as it was in the 8th house, which is interpreted sometimes as the house of death experiences. It could be said that being stolen out of the sky is a type of abduction.

Stronger indicators are several of the Arabic parts -- which aren't physical entities in the sky but rather mathematical points in celestial territory.

The Part of Fatality was triggered by Uranus, the energy of sudden breakdown.

And the Part of Death was activated by the karmic nodes, as well as by Eris, and an asteroid called Ceres, which is the grieving mother.

So basically, in retrospect we can see the realized potential for a tragedy to occur at the time and place of the loss of this plane and its nearly 300 souls on board, altho whether any astrologer would have predicted the event in advance remains speculative.

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