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It's a Karmic Adjustments Day

On an uncrowded basic chart, today looks like ho-hum, nuthin' happenin' kind of day. But add in the Nodes of the Moon, and the asteroids I use in my readings, and we've got ourselves a very karmic day.

First the Sun in Cancer is in a tense T-Square with the Nodes of the Moon, pressuring a balancing between past lives and future evolution of the soul. In other words, the True Self (Sun) is eager to incorporate the lessons lived before into a wisdom for helping us move forward on the quest for balancing the needs of the ego self and the requirements of creating harmony, sensitivity and cooperation with others.

Then there is the yod aspect pattern in which Juno the soul mate indicator combines with Uranus the breakthrough energy to exert pressure on Saturn the authoritative teacher to adjust how karmic lessons are communicated and worked on.

This may mean that previously hidden factors of why things broke down or unfolded the way they did between you and a significant other will become more clear, and the karmic or soul-plan purpose for the unhappiness previously experienced will now make sense. No doubt, this will depend on the degree of conscious awareness and self-reflective thinking we can bring to looking at old relationships in new ways.

With this aspect patterns in play today, I'd recommend finding some quiet time to review old relationships in new light, think blessings towards them, forgive difficulties, and be grateful for what they contributed to the path of your soul's evolution.

WiseWomanSeer sees a karmic day

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