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Astro-Weather: Grand Trine in Water Today

The Sun, Saturn and Chiron united in the water signs in the most friendly and helpful of relationships yesterday, which continued into today and will last through the week until Friday evening.

We often think of water signs as being soft and flowing, bringing emotions such as love and compassion into the picture – and this can be true. But don’t forget that sometimes we have darker, more intense, more critical or irritable emotions as well. As with everything in astrology, the potential exists for the positive and the negative expression of the water sign traits.

So the positive outlook for this grand trine is that the Sun in Cancer is eager to express caring for self and others, and is nurturing to Saturn in Scorpio’s attempts to contain a sense of vulnerability and fears of rejection if sharing too much about itself. Meanwhile Chiron in Pisces – the third point of the Grand Trine – is pursuing transformative healing of wounds of deception and sensitivity experienced when previous carings resulted in rejections.

In short, this is a good week to allow yourself to be in the emotional lessons involved in expressing yourself about belonging and connection, to engage in moments of emotional risk taking, and to take the spiritual consciousness perspective of being in the moment as a gift of healing for yourself.

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