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A Shamanic View of the Spiritual Warrior

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of the spiritual warrior, and what that means in the context of feminist consciousness raising and a continuing evolution in spiritual awakening.

There are a variety of philosophies on this topic. Some preach that the spiritual warrior’s battle is to convert or condemn all who fail to agree with them. This belief breeds zealots who lose their humanity as they sink into fear and hate, while forgetting the divine path of love, support, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, and peace.

Others say that the spiritual warrior’s only fight is within oneself, to lose the ego, and attachment to desires and aversions that cause suffering. This way harvests personal serenity, and lends some transformational yet undirected energy of the change we’d like to see and be in the world. As long as this way is focused on personal spiritual development, it may be passively participating in the continuation of the problems of privilege and injustice.