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Could Be an Explosive 4th of July

This could be an explosive 4th of July -- what with the probability of solar flares today, and the Sun / Pluto opposition. Be extra kind to friends, family and lovers, watch out for heated arguments over values and money, and be careful that "friendly competitions" don't get develop into long term feuds.

When Pluto transits a major point in an astrological chart, or when it is traveling in a highly stressful relationship -- like it is doing today -- whatever it brings to your table will be intense, with the possibility of heightened sarcasm, ego-defensiveness, revenge and feelings of being manipulated (usually because someone is obsessed with getting their way!).

As the day progresses, the Sun / Pluto opposition will be in different houses, depending on the time and your location. This means that many realms of life may be affected.

The Fourth of July is not one of my favorite holidays -- the fireworks that are so beloved by so many are terribly stressful for the animal kingdom, not to mention really dangerous.

Add that to how the concept of patriotism has gotten hijacked in recent years and turned into a distortion of the bill of rights and constitutional protections, and idea of the land of the free takes a dark, Plutonian turn into power struggle, obsession, and manipulation.

Celebrating freedom to me means the freedom of equality for all, a level playing field achieved by listening and compromise and working together.It means empowering each other to shine as our True Selves -- which a Sun / Pluto opposition could help us do, if we can step into their transformational qualities.

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